Escape From Hogwarts With This Potter-Themed Escape Room

The escape room is a trendy new activity whose popularity has soared recently. A group is trapped in a room and has to solve puzzles and/or complete tasks in order to find their way out. Usually there’s a time limit, so the stakes are pretty high.

Flawless segue: Sort of reminds you of that time Harry, Ron and Hermione had to navigate their way through all those challenges to get to the Sorcerer’s Stone, right? Well, if you happen to live in Michigan, you can find your way out of a new Harry Potter-themed escape room this summer.

Harry Potter escape room

Source: Goodreads

As Bustle reports, Escape Room Novi in Novi, Michigan has announced that it will introduce a Hogwarts-esque escape room in August. They’re calling the experience “The School of Magic,” and I don’t know about you guys, but this Ravenclaw is dying for a chance to puzzle-solve my way out of a Hogwarts-themed room.

The announcement on Escape Room Novi’s Facebook page doesn’t provide any specifics on what visitors can expect from “The School of Magic,” but I imagine casting spells and charms will be crucial to escaping. And if obscure Harry Potter trivia is involved, even better.

If you like and share the Facebook post, you’ll be entered to win 10 passes to this magical experience (and you’ll basically have to give one to me, because I just told you about it).

Hopefully, more escape room locations will follow suit and offer a magical option, because it’s clear by now that Harry Potter fans will spend money on almost anything that allows us to feel like Hogwarts students.

Note: It was difficult to get through this entire thing without making an Alohomora joke. Thank you for your support.

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Featured image via Escape Room Novi

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