Read The Rainbow: Classic Books In Rainbow Colors Will Brighten Your Bookshelf

Confession: I desperately want to arrange my books by color, but I can’t bring myself to undo my current system. Sure, it would look nice, but how would I find anything? And would I still keep the read books separate from the not-yet-read books? What even is color, you know? It’s a real rabbit hole.

But that’s my cross to bear, and for those brave enough to rainbow-sort their bookshelves, the process just became a little easier: Puffin Books has collaborated with Pantone to provide some colorful new versions of classic books.

rainbow classics

Source: @Pantone on Twitter

So far, the Puffin + Pantone series features new vibrant looks for Heidi, Treasure Island, The Adventures of Tom SawyerThe Secret Garden, The Wizard of Oz, and Anne of Green Gables. These will become available on June 6th. Soon to be added to the collection are Black Beauty, The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glassand A Christmas Carol; those can be purchased beginning in October.

The covers are modeled after Pantone color swatches, and the colors correspond to the stories themselves. The Wizard of Oz cover, for example, is yellow-brick-road yellow. According to the Penguin Random House website:

“Puffin + Pantone is a series of classic novels paired with their perfect Pantone color match. Each cover is made to resemble the globally recognized color chip that’s defined Pantone as the standard in color communication all over the world. Puffin + Pantone is a collection of literature as diverse and boundless as the color spectrum itself.”

rainbow books

Source: Amazon

These books are just begging to be Instagrammed. Hopefully the partnership will continue, and eventually we’ll have a whole library’s worth of colorful classics to choose from. Then I would for sure rearrange my books. Probably.

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