Have A Cuppa: A Bookish Tea Review

Either a nice cup of your favorite tea or choice of beverage nicely accompanies a relaxing reading time. I was graciously offered a few samples of teas from Andy Hayes, owner and founder of an all-natural company by the name of PlumDeluxe Teas.

Let’s jump right in! Here are the teas I had the pleasure of enjoying:


Easy To Be Green Tea (Coming Soon)

Perfect tea if you’re looking for something sweet that’ll keep you up for a while, but not all night long. As much as we love late-night reading, when you want to go to sleep, you want to go to sleep, and the easy to be green tea is a soothing companion for your book of choice. This one hasn’t been brought out yet, though stay tuned!

easy to be green plum deluxe tea

Source: Author’s Own

Cuddletime Herbal Tea

This was my mama’s favorite. She describes it as being very soothing, the chamomile being rich in taste with a tidbit of cinnamon, and strong without being overwhelming. Read more about it here.

cuddletime tea plum deluxe teas

Source: Author’s Own

Close-up picture of the ingredients:

cuddletime tea plum deluxe

Source: Plum Deluxe

Vista Blend Herbal Tea

For the fruity fans, the Vista Blend tea would be right up your alley. Other family members loved this one (sweet tooths run in the family) mainly because of the relaxing blend of lavender and apricot flavoring. Check out more info on this one here.

vista blend tea plum deluxe

Source: Author’s Own


vista blend tea plum deluxe

Source: Plum Deluxe

Reading Nook Blend Black Tea

Alas, a tea after a book lover’s own heart. The Reading Nook tea (cute name!), also includes lavender and chamomile though additionally adds a touch of rose petals for pretty purposes. Lovely! Read about further details here.

plum deluxe teas

Source: Author’s Own

How beautiful is this tea?

plum deluxe tea review

Source: Plum Deluxe

Tea fanatics, Plum Deluxe Teas will be one of your new tea-riffic (ha) obsessions, I assure you. If you do order some teas from them, we’d love to know how you liked them!

You can order and check out all things Plum Deluxe on their website.

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