Book Review: Twit And Wisdom: Memorable Words From Donald J. Trump By Irma Scrivener

It’s finally come. A true, remarkable work that embodies the truth of who our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, really is. Scrivener’s short book manages to capture the power and depth of his words from speeches and interviews throughout the years, leading up to the third and final presidential debate against Hillary Clinton.

trump book for trump lovers and haters

Source: NBC News

A great gift for any and everyone. Especially those friends and family members that voted for him. They’ll especially love it.

I think Democrats will truly love it, too.

trump book for trump lovers and haters

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Thank you, Irma. You knew what America needed and you have blessed us with it in book form. Thank you.

You can purchase a copy of Trump’s famous words, here.

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