Book Bliss: 6 Of The Best Apps For Organizing Your Home Library

As bookworms, we have either have a LOT of books, or we have a small collection that means a lot. Either way, it’s nice to get them organized. Whether you keep them all on display or have some stored in boxes, it’s helpful to have an inventory of them. Not all bookworms are librarians, though, so there are apps to make this kind of methodical organizing a task that can be done at home! Find 6 of the best apps for organizing your personal library below.

1. Libib app

Whether your library is small, medium, or large, Libib can work for you. The app has scanning abilities, to make cataloging quick. You can import or export your libraries, so if you’re swapping apps or need to back up your valuable inventory, Libib is perfect for that. Libib libraries can also be made public so you can share your bookshelves to the world!

2. Delicious Library app

Like Libib, Delicious Library allows you to catalog a large collection. It also gives you tailor made recommendations based on your collection and items that you rate from other libraries. Another really cool feature is the charts, which, among other things, shows you the value of your collection. Neat!

3. LibraryThing

This is an app for the more casual collector. If you have a large collection, I wouldn’t recommend this app as there doesn’t seem to be a known limit for the amount of books LibraryThing can store. However, if you have a small collection, then this simple app will work great for you! If you’re using LibraryThing, check out Tiny Cat, which is also made for small libraries and can be linked to your LibraryThing account.

library thing app

Source: Twitter

4. Shelves app

This app stands out among the others in that your digital book collection is actually displayed on shelves! The app was developed by one man, and is now an open source project, so if coding is your thing you can really personalize this app and tailor-make it to fit your collections.

shelves book app

Source: Google Play

5. Book Crawler app

Book Crawler is the app for aesthetic lovers. Across reviews, users comment that this app has the most pleasing interface, so if that’s something that’s important to you and you’re a Mac or IOS user, then this app could be your perfect personal library match.

Book Crawler

Source: iTunes

6. Goodreads

A personal library app list would hardly be complete without the classic Goodreads. The app is highly rated, easy to use, and full of all the best features, like barcode scanning. Plus, Goodreads is the largest social network for bookworms!

Goodreads app

Source: Goodreads

How do you organize your personal library? What’s your favorite method or app?

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Featured image via Camille Styles