This Author Helped A Fan Pull Off A Sweet Book Proposal

If there’s one thing that sends me into instant-cry mode, it’s a literary proposal, and this one is definitely unique.

Jack Sjogren’s book Things I’d Do (But Just For You) is a short and sweet list of special things we’re all willing to do only for the most special people in our lives. Recently, Sjogren added another sweet item to the list: he went the extra mile to help a fan of the book propose to her girlfriend.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

A fan named Ashley sent Sjogren this email:

“I purchased your book a while ago and gave it to my partner as a gift. It’s been important to us ever since, as we use your words from the book daily! I mean, “I’d wake you up… with donuts” and “I’d make you a tiny hat… in case your hat gets cold” are our favorite parts of the book and we typically remind one another that we would indeed do these things daily… and sometimes we do!

Anyway, since your book has been such an important part of our relationship, I was wondering if there was any way I could purchase another copy and have it autographed by you? In fact, if I can get another copy, can I even go as far as having you write this: “Heather, Will you marry Ashley?”

Whether or not I am able to get such a copy, I want you to know that we appreciate your book and we are thankful that someone like you could put into words how we (and hopefully other couples) feel daily.”

Sjogren said yes (because who wouldn’t?). But instead of just sending an autographed copy of Things I’d Do, he drew a special illustration for the proposal and placed it in the back of the book. (The tears, you guys. I can’t.)

Heather said yes, and now the engaged couple can rest easy knowing they have the sweetest proposal story ever. I don’t care how many long-stemmed roses your fiancé gave you at that restaurant, Stacy. This is better.

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