This British Teen Wrote A Book About Mental Health, Just For Little Kids

19-year old Emily Palmer is on a mission. The goal? To help small children learn about mental illnesses–what they can look like and how to go about finding help and support–by writing a picture book called Scrambled Heads.

“I decided to write the book after my own experiences with mental health,” Palmer revealed in an interview with BuzzFeed News. “Having battled with anxiety and anorexia nervosa, I wanted to use my own experiences to encourage conversations on such an important topic.” 

scrambled heads

Source: Buzzfeed

Although Palmer was nervous about audiences’ reactions toward Scrambled Heads, it has already sold more than 600 copies and received a veritable flood of laudatory reviews.

“I hope Scrambled Heads can bridge a gap in the education of mental health with children,” Palmer stated. “I hope it encourages families to get talking with their children about mental health, so children know what mental health is and feel like they can ask for help, if and when they need it.”

Source: buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed

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