Hermione would not be happy.

Last month, during a burglary in Birmingham, England, a card with 800 words written on it disappeared. But those weren’t just any 800 words–they were a brief Harry Potter prequel jotted down by the famous J.K. Rowling.

In 2008, the card sold at a London charity auction for a whopping 25,000 pounds ($32,100, at current exchange rates).

Rowling herself even took to Twitter to express her disappointment and to plead Potter fans not to purchase the prequel:

Source: newyorktimes
Source: newyorktimes

The West Midlands Police did not explain why they were revealing the theft of the manuscript a full month after the incident, but they ask anyone with information about the card to come forward.

Harry Potter prequel
Source: dailynewsglobal

What do you think of the “Potter” burglary? Do you think Rowling will ever actually write the prequel? Share your thoughts below!

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