11 Ways To Share The Book Love And Make The World A Better Place

We know reading is good for us, and so it follows, what is good for us is good for others. Time to spread a little loving. Here are 11 ways you can share the book love:


1. Support Your Local Bookstore

I’m lucky, my local is probably the greatest bookstore in the world, so this is not a stretch for me. Fullers Bookshop, in Hobart, Tasmania, has been sharing the book love for nearly one hundred years. They regularly host author events, some are so popular you need to book in advance.  I picked up my current read, The Good People, at an event for author Hannah Kent. Hearing Hannah speak about her experience as a writer, encouraged me to read her first book Burial Rites.


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2. Review Books

Authors love feedback. Okay, authors love positive feedback, but I can say from experience a negative review can also be constructive. It doesn’t have to be long and winding. And if you need some thoughts on how to go about it, check out my post, What Makes A Good Book Review And Why You Should Write Them.

3. Join A Real-life Book Club

I think of real-life book clubs as meet-ups for book lovers where you can share, argue, swap book recommendations and book gossip. A nice way to socialize, particularly if they are held at cool venues, like The Tough Guy Book Club.

4. Join A Social Media Book Group

Online groups are a fun way to get to know book lovers from all over the world. One of my favorites is Bookaholic Café on Facebook. Discussions can range from frivolous to serious and it’s fun to find out what people in different parts of the world are reading. The members also share great book memes, like:


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5. Connect With Book Lovers On Litsy And Bookstagram

Bookstagram is the book lover’s corner of Instagram where Bookstagrammers share their love of the beauty of books via imagery. Litsy is an app to share the love of books and reading, and has been described as, “Goodreads meets Instagram.”


 6. Volunteer To Read With And To Little Kids

A good friend, who recently retired, answered the call from her local primary school to go along and read with and to the kindergarten class. Never had so much fun in her life.


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7. Volunteer To Help Adults Improve Their Literacy

As a volunteer literacy tutor, I’ve worked with very different students – from a middle-aged man who finally found the courage to step up and take the reading plunge to a young woman who needed to build her confidence with reading. Can’t tell you how rewarding it is.


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8. Travel To Destinations Featured In Books You Love

Travel broadens the mind and extends our horizons. It’s also good for the local economy. Could be tricky if you are into sci-fi or paranormal, but tramping the Yorkshire moors, like Heathcliff and Cathy, is certainly doable. Breakfast outside Tiffany’s anyone? Or maybe a ride on the Hogwarts Express? I still remember that frisson of excitement when I entered Shakespeare’s Globe.

9. Join Your Local Library

This is a no-brainer. Libraries are places of wonder and librarians hold the keys to the universe. And if we don’t use them, we’ll lose them. Enough said.

Source: Pennlive

Source: Pennlive

10. Step Outside Your Reading Comfort Zone

Picking up a read that’s different to your ‘tried and true’ can be a challenge. But it needn’t be. I’ve already mentioned book groups, book clubs, and Litsy: all three are a great source of advice from fellow book lovers. Or you could join the Reading Without Walls Challenge. Plus, with so many great recommendations and reviews right here on #AmReading, you really are spoilt for choice.


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11. Become a Book Ninja

What greater love hath one book lover for another than to share free books anonymously? Everyone’s doing it – including Emma Watson.

Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

As book lovers, we know that reading is its own reward. Go forth and share the love. You’ll discover it coming back to you in spades.

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