Top 15 Sites To Read Books For Free!

Want to discover new books? Want to reread some of your favorite classics? Check out these websites where you can download or read books for free!


1. Classic Bookshelf

Classic Bookshelf has many literature classics for you to read. They have many classics from Shakespeare to Aesop to Jane Austen.

2. Gutenberg Project

This website has over 27,000 free books online.

3. Classic Reader

Another website for classic literature.

4. Science And Math Textbooks

They have a bunch of free science and math textbooks.

5. Medical Textbooks

Hey, medical students! Check out these free textbooks.

6. Business Textbooks

Here are some free business textbooks.

7. Free Tech Books

They offer free computer science and technology textbooks.


Free philosophy and religion books.

9.  Religion from eLibrary

Here are some free books on religion.

10. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

MIT has made all of Shakespeare’s works available.


Free plays available to read.

12. Internet Database of Fiction

All the fiction!

13. Romance Novels

All the free romance novels you can imagine!

14. Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum

A database of Latin texts.

15. LibriVox

Here is a database of historical fiction.

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Happy reading!

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