Stephen King Compares 2 Of His Villains To President Donald Trump

If you’re anything like me, reading the news and finding out what our current President did today is still mind-boggling. Not just what he does, either. How he still has any support at all, and how he gets away with the stuff he does breaks my brain on a regular basis. The one way I’ve found for someone to explain Trump is to turn to a writer – and not just any writer. Only one that has been writing for decades and has spawned the most vile of villains will do.

Enter Stephen King.

Stephen King has already had his fair share of poking fun at our president. He made an epic three-tweet short story that destroyed him, and has been vocal about his political opinions otherwise. The most recent example was him comparing Donald Trump to two of his villains. Pulling from The Dead Zone and Under The Dome, he categorizes Donald Trump and his behavior quite nicely.


1. The Dead Zone

Greg Stillson is a door-to-door Bible salesman who turns into a politician. Armed with pretty speeches, wit, and seemingly miraculous support of people, he somehow is elected mayor. He continues to climb the ladder of politics, until the main character (with some ability to tell the future) sees him becoming president and starting World War III. This is despite many people not taking his political ventures seriously. (Sound familiar?) While I won’t say that Donald Trump is particularly witty, his greedy ambition is certainly a mirror to Greg Stillson.


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2. Under the Dome

Big Jim Rennie has a similar character path to Greg Stillson, but his corruption is far more outright. He starts as a car salesman and somehow comes into a lot of power. Stephen King says he is “a crook, a cozener, and a sociopath… but he’s got a folksy, straight-from-the-shoulder delivery that people relate to.” This dichotomy is how people like Big Jim Rennie and Donald Trump come into power, starting as a joke that’s just funny enough to be preferable to the norm in politics, culture, and even society. The problem is that the alternative, especially in times of crisis, never has the answers.

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Source: Amazon

What is your favorite villain comparison to Donald Trump? (Voldemort, Darth Vader, there’s plenty to choose from!)

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