How To Grow Your Fan Base: 10 Hashtags To Use As An Aspiring Author

Being a writer is a tough gig, especially if you’re just starting out. There are so many writers out there, and it can be hard to find your niche audience. Social media, like Twitter, can help, but oftentimes it just feels like a maze or a slew of everything ever. Using hashtags can help you direct your Tweets to an audience, but it can be hard to know which ones to use, so I’ve made a list of 10 of the ones I see used most often to get you started!


1. #amwriting

This one’s for when you have a general update about your current project, or some inspiration to share. There are also specific genres to narrow your audience, like #amwritingfantasy or #amwritingromance.


Source: Twitter

2. #WIP or #WIPJoy

WIP, which stands for Work in Progress, is a handy hashtag that could be used in conjunction with #amwriting if you want to load up on the hashtags, or you can use it on its own. Personally, I like to use #WIPJoy when I have a genius moment as I’m writing.


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3. #OneLineWed

If you’re writing on a Wednesday and have to stop because you amaze yourself with how awesome that line is, then you can take a quick break and share it on Twitter with this hashtag. Just make sure not to mindlessly scroll through your Twitter feed afterwards, Twitter should help your writing, not distract you from it!


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4. #writerslife

Use this hashtag when you’re not particularly inspired to write, but you want to keep up with your Twitter account.


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5. #novel

If you’re working on a novel, this hashtag might help your piece find its audience. Of course, when it comes to social media, it’s all about consistency so you have to make sure to use hashtags again and again and again. Then, just when you thought you’d hashtagged enough, do some more.


Source: Twitter

6. #quotesforwriters

Quotes tend to make big impressions on the Twittersphere. When I tweet quotes I get the most retweets and likes, more than any other type of tweet I do. In fact, when I looked up the hashtag just now, two of my posts are at the top! You can also use the general #quotes, and the hashtag of the author or person of influence you’re quoting.


Source: Twitter

7. #writingadvice or #writingtips

If you have some words of wisdom to share with your fellow authors, these are helpful hashtags to use. You might also use it in conjunction with #quotesforwriters if your advice is a quote, like the tweet below.


Source: Twitter

8. #inspiration

This can be helpful for you on those writer’s block days. Hey, speaking of writer’s block, there’s a hashtag for that, too!


Source: Twitter

9. #writersblock

You might take a minute and scroll through these hashtags just so you can see that you’re not alone!


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10. #amediting

You can use this one when you get to that oh so fun process of picking apart all your hard work.


Source: Twitter

What hashtag do you think you’ll use the most?

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