#ThanksForTyping Honors Women Writers Behind The Scenes

University of Virginia English professor and author Bruce Holsinger has brought a wonderful new hashtag to Twitter. #ThanksForTyping pays homage and offers much-deserved recognition to the women writers behind the scenes, whether it be the work they did for their husbands or any other male counterpart, who equally worked their butts off on the finished product.

For centuries, even in modern day literature, the acknowledgment of a woman’s hard work through editing, proofreading, and writing were simply attributed to as “my wife” in the dedication section of the novel, even if the woman writer was not in fact the novelist’s wife. This was/is sometimes used as a simple fix not to credit the work women put into a project.

As a result, the women co-writers (or in some cases, full-on ghostwriters), were virtually unknown and forgotten about. Until now.

Below are a few tweets that include the awesome hashtag:

#ThanksForTyping, ladies!

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Featured image via Twitter

h/t Entertainment Weekly