The 18 Best Bookish Definitions: According To Urban Dictionary

At #AmReading, we want to always encourage your love of literature and reading, which is why I’ve put together this wonderful list of bookish definitions that you might find yourself not being previously familiar with. Learn on, fellow book nerds, and comment and let us know which bookish definition you love!


1. Book Affair:

Reading a short casual fun book (usually a paperback or trade paperback) while attempting to read a much longer more complex book.
Example Sentence: I was trying to get through Les Miserables by Victor Hugo but for my birthday, my husband gave me the first three books of the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay. I was forced to have a book affair because I wanted to read the Dexter books so badly!

2. Bookaholic:

Someone who keeps buying books to add to a stack of unread books.

Example Sentence: “I have no more room for books on my shelves, but I keep buying new ones. I’m a bookaholic. Well, it’s a fairly inexpensive, fairly harmless obsession.”

3. Book And Bone:

A slang term meaning smart and deep.

Example Sentence: “Eddie Izzard is not only funny, he’s book and bone, baby!”

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4. Bookarazzi:

A bookarazzi is a book lover who excitedly takes photos of the books they read and posts them online.

Example Sentence: “My Tumblr stream is full of books next to coffees, or flowers. Or cats. Yes, I have a life, I am a bookarazzi.”


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5. Book Babe:

A hot chick who likes to read and is constantly doing so. Can be found *GASP* in the library, in a cafe, in the back of the classroom, or somewhere quiet. Girls like this are normally hard to find anywhere else. SO DON’T COMPLAIN THAT YOU CAN’T FIND THEM IN A MALL OR OUT IN PUBLIC. They probably don’t shop much, or are as giggly as most girls.

Example Sentence: “DUUUDE, where are all the hot girls? Look in the library, there’s some book babes.”

*Side Note: Reading is attractive period. No matter what you look like. Remember that.*


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6. Book Bomb:

A coordinated effort to buy an author’s book on opening day so as to dramatically increase the author’s chance of rising in the ranking system. The higher an author climbs in the ranking system, the more exposure they will get, thus increasing their overall sales of the book.

Example Sentence: “Hey Katy, today is Lang Leav’s Book Bomb! Don’t forget to buy her book Memories!”


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7. Book Boy:

A young lad that has a great taste in books and can be found anywhere with a book in his hands. He is a very knowledgeable about books and knows many great lessons from these books.

Example Sentence: “He is such s nerd.” “No he is just a book boy.”


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8. Book Buffer:

The number of books you have queued to read someday.

Example Sentence: Dave: “Have you read Freakonomics? It’s awesome. I’ll lend it to you if you fancy it.”
Arnold: “Not yet; I’ve got quite a few books queued up at the moment, but if it’s as good as you say, maybe it can skip the book buffer.”


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9. Bookbumps:

The bumps you get on your skin when experiencing strong emotions whilst reading a book.

Example Sentence: “Thomas: MUM! I’m in awe after reading this chapter, I have bookbumps again.”
Mum: “Stop being such a wuss Thomas.”

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10. Book Buster:

When you’re reading a popular book and a person who has already read the book comes up to you and asks how far you are in the book by revealing some major event in the book that you haven’t read yet.

Example Sentence: Random Person: “Oh, you’re reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!”
Reader: “Yup.”
Random Person: “Did you get to the part where they kill Voldemort?”
Reader: *Facepalms*

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11. Bookcased:

When you bookcase a door or create a wall of bookcases to keep the zombies out.

Example Sentence: “I’ve just bookcased the door!”


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12. Bookcase Poser:

Someone who poses like they are smart; a pseudo intellectual that likes to take pictures in front of books.

The word “bookcase poser” comes from the media tradition of posing people (usually politicians etc) in front of a bookcase full of hard to read books to sell the impression that they are more intelligent than you.

Example Sentence: “Hey homie, today on the news they interviewed bookcase poser, Big Bird ,from Sesame Street…man,that dude is a bird brain. He ain’t read all them books!”

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13. Bookcat:

A very rare creature, [who] likes to read, watch tv but is still active. A bookcat is always ready to come up with a funny retort and/or a stupid comment. Dry humor appeals to this creature and is a very good tool for calming it down. This creature can easily explode with rage but is usually mild and well tempered.

Example Sentence: “Wow that girl is such a bookcat, she’s so awesome.”


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14. Book Club Seppuku:

When a member of a book club should be ashamed of their choice of selection, thereby subjecting the group to a woefully disdainful pick.

Example Sentence: Laura: “Gosh, what was Sara thinking when she picked The Devil Wears Prada? She should be ashamed of herself.”
Rob: “I know, right? If I were her, I’d be committing book club seppuku at our next meeting.”
Laura: “Ha! Yeah, but I don’t want blood on the carpet. Or on the apple cakes.”


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15. Book Coma:

When a person is so engrossed in a book they are unable to stop reading it until they finish the book.

Example Sentence: “She spend the entire day in a book coma, refusing to eat or take a break. When she got to the end and finally shut the book with a sigh of satisfaction, she realized she was starving and REALLY had to pee!”

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16. Book Crook:

Someone who makes money by stealing books from the local public library, then reselling them online, after removing the security tags and identifying marks.

Example Sentence: “The book crooks wiped out our entire collection of automotive repair manuals.”

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17. Bookdom:

“The fandom in which people obsess over books, usually teen/young adult, si-fi, or fiction like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and more.

Example Sentence: “Which bookdom have you been a part of since day one?”


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18. Book Drunk:

Describes studying for so long that you are slightly out of your mind and a little crazy, almost like being under the influence of alcohol, but only having soda and coffee that day.

Example Sentence: “Jade is currently book drunk from studying for anatomy for 6 hours, which is why she created this stupid word and posted it on the internet.”

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Consider yourself that much more educated, fellow bookworms.

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