You’ve Got Mail: 7 Subscription Boxes For 7 Types Of Readers

Subscription boxes are insanely popular these days, and chances are you’ve already tried one. Bath and beauty boxes, wine lover boxes, gardening boxes, olive oil boxes, stationery boxes… the list goes on. Most book lovers have checked out the plethora of different available book boxes, and have probably been overwhelmed by choice. There’s about as many book subscription box options as there are genres. And then some.

No matter what you like to read, or what kind of bookish pleasures you like to indulge in, and no matter what type of reader you are, there’s a box for that. Different boxes suit different personalities and preferences, so here’s a list of subscriptions that are tailored to your wants and needs.


1. For Writers

If you are one of the cool, hip people who love experimental fiction, Litkit is the box is for you. Each box contains a book (sometimes more than one), “tools” or “novelties” for book making or bookish art, and “a dose of inspiration.” Some of these tools and novelties have included a wax sealing kit (with a video on the LitKit website showing how to use it), a mini book-making kit, and a bookbinding kit. Inspirational items have included downloadable audio files and rainbow pencils, as well as the writing prompt calendar that accompanies every box. Cute pens, pretty paper, thought-provoking prompts, and great reads – it’s all in one little box.

Scribedelivery is another highly rated subscription box that offers gorgeous notebooks, journals, pretty little pens and pencils, and pretty much every inspiring instrument a writer needs to take off.

Source: Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

2. Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lovers

Who wouldn’t want to have a box of goodies from a place called “Books on Dragon Wings?” Each box is lovingly curated, and the staff say they don’t choose a book unless it “knocks [their] socks off [their] little dragon feet”! Boxes also include goodies like themed bookmarks, posters, even jewelry and soap. A clean and well accessorized sci-fi geek is the best kind of geek, I always say.

Sci-Fan Block is another amazing subscription option for sci-fi fans, with 8 sub-genre-themed boxes to choose from. They don’t always include books, though, which is disappointing, because these blocks contain LOTS of cool swag.

3. Thrill Seekers

Mysteries, thrillers, and horror – oh my! Choose one of the three genres, or pick “surprise me,” and get… yeah, surprised. The My Thrill Club box gets you not one, but two epic reads every month, plus a bonus DVD. Previous boxes have included heart rate-raisers like Michael Connolly’s The Burning Room, Stephen King’s Finders Keepers, and The Ghost Shift by John Gapper. We Own the Night and Basic Instinct are a couple of DVDs that have been included. Feeling shivers yet?

The Nocturnal Readers box is another option for thrill seekers. Each box contains two books (one new and one previously released), an art print, a “custom wearable” (hats, socks, tote bag, etc.), and other swaggish tidbits. As the website says, “Do NOT expect this box to contain young adult books, romance novels, glittery trinkets… or glittery Vampires. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” HA!

4. Children’s Book Collectors

If you’re looking for the perfect children’s book subscription, GiftLit is where it’s at. There are six different age groups to choose from, and within those are several different genre options for you and your child to choose from. If you have a 4 year old princess at home who loves reading about animals, there’s a GiftLit for that. Have an 9 year old who’s super into graphic novels? There’s a GiftLit for that. If none of the pre-set options are particularly appealing, you can create your own set. Although each delivery only includes one book, they’ve included winning titles like The Day the Crayons Came Home, Ms. Cuddy is Nutty, and Earth Space Moon Base. They even offer special wrapping and ribbons if you decide to give the subscription as a gift. How sweet!

Lillypost is another option for children’s book subscriptions, and they cater to the baby and toddler crowd. Their 0-2 age range Picture Book Box includes 5 books per month, and the 3+ Picture Book Box option has four titles. Lots of reading for little people!

5. Romantic Readers

The Ever After subscription people aren’t kidding when they say they offer “everything that is fun, witty & wonderful about reading romance, delivered to you in an adorable package.” Each month has a theme, such as “Here Comes the Bride,” “Vampire,” and this month’s “Sexy Shifters.” Boxes include two hard copy books as well as one or more ebook download options, goodies like tote bags or bangle bracelets, and other swag such as bath and body products, a “ripped bodice repair kit,” and cocktail recipes. It’s all so fun!

Beautiful Reads is a romance book box available through Crate Joy, and it includes “newly released romantic chick lit book and 1-2 specially curated, literature-inspired items.” Previous titles include A Place in the Sun by R. S. Grey, Beautiful by Christina Lauren, and Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci.

6. Young Adults at Heart

YA lovers rejoice! A subscription box created just for you awaits from Uppercase. Their goodies include one or two book-related goodies and trinkets, a new, hardcover YA novel which may be signed by the author or have an accompanying book plate that the author has signed, as well as some bookish swag. There’s also a bookmark added to the box that signals that when you hit certain pages in the book, you should go online and check for questions, polls, videos, etc., related to the text. Share the fun, right? A few books from past boxes are By Your Side by Kasie West, The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron, and Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here by Anna Brewlaw. Other fun items like stickers, bookmarks, fridge magnets, jewelry, and even tote bags have been packed in alongside the monthly books.

FairyLoot is another, UK based subscription option for lovers of YA. They specialize in fantasy-themed YA books, with some past titles like Empress of a Thousand Skies and Flashfall. So much fantasy, so little time.

7. Appreciation for the Classics

Who doesn’t crave a good book with a good hot coffee? The folks at Coffee and a Classic hear that and offer “a classic book, beverage and a treat to inspire you.” You can choose from the Children’s Classics subscription, the Classic Literature subscription, or the Motivational Classics subscription. Each box sent out is themed, and past motifs have included The Three Musketeers, Poe Me a Cup of Spooky Tales, and Traveling Space and Time with Dr. Who. There’s been white chocolate raspberry popcorn, soy candles, themed teas, and handmade cup coasters. I’ll have a glass of berry iced tea, a cupcake, and a copy of Catch-22 please and thank you.

The Willoughby Book Club also offers books for the classic aficionado, as well as boxes for several other genres. They pick from both vintage and modern classics, and include pins, bookmarks, and other perks as well.

These are only a few of the many, many available subscription clubs for literature lovers. Others I came across included boxes for those who loves books in the bath, books with tea, books and pets, books and music, books and spirituality, and… and… and… you get the idea.

Which bookish subscription box is calling your name?

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