Young Adult Book Review: Seven Days Of You By Cecilia Vinesse

Every once in awhile, everyone needs a fluffy romantic book to dive into, and I have to say that you shouldn’t look any farther than Celilia Vinesse’s Seven Days of You. This book will make you feel good, will have you giggling at the character’s adventures, swooning over the romance, and feeling like you need to go find your best friend and give them the biggest hug possible. On top of all that, the book also happens to take place in Tokyo, Japan, so fans of wondrous far-off places, it’ll for sure spark your wanderlust!

Where this book could be simple, it’s not. Vinesse doesn’t just make the happenings in Seven Days of You about romance (though it’s definitely in there), she also focuses on friendships, family dynamics, and what happens when the things we thought we knew turn out to be something else entirely.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

I adore Sophia. She’s so much fun, and even as the things she knows fall apart around her, there’s something about her fearless belief in the people around her that’s really endearing. Then again, it is where most of her problems come from. She’s sees the best in people no matter what, and sometimes no matter how badly she wants people to live up to her expectations, they don’t. I loved that Vinesse made this Sophia’s largest strength, and also her biggest weakness. It makes Sophia really dynamic.

The lush Tokyo setting is perfect for this book. And the fact that this novel takes places over the seven days Sophia has left in Japan before she has to make her way back to the USA is a wonderful plot device. Putting a ticking timer on the end of Sophia’s years in Tokyo adds an urgency to the story that wouldn’t be there without it.

Of course, things don’t go as planned during those last seven days. She finds out something about her friend group that crushes her, the boy who broke her heart and moved away in middle school shows back up, and she’s also working through things with her sister and her father.

This book is about falling in love when you least expect it, finding out who your real friends are, realizing that people are as great, and as terrible as you think they can be, and figuring out what it’s like to grow up in a hurry. And all of this takes place in the bright lights of Tokyo. What more could someone want from a book?

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