#PotterABook Adds A Little Magic To Popular Book Titles

Twitter users came together on Thursday with a whirlwind of Harry Potter puns embedded into the titles of our favorite books. Just when you thought Harry Potter couldn’t get any better #PotterABook made even the simple book title that bit more magical.

The chosen books to be given a Potter twist range from classics such as Pride and Prejudice (Pride and Patronus) to modern love stories like The Fault In Our Stars (The Fault In Our Scars), with no limit to Twitter’s love and appreciation of a good themed pun to pass the time.

With an entire Wizarding World of possibilities teaming up with present day favorites and classics alike, the combinations are endless- and always completely entertaining.

Even sites such as Goodreads got involved with their own imaginative input:

As well as Barnes & Noble:

With so many characters and book titles to choose from, the variety of tweets was wide, ranging from clever to simply hilarious.

Out of all of the wonderful tweets my personal favorite has to be this one, not only with the subtly included mention of ‘Sirius Black,’ but also because of its accuracy when applied to a large part of the actual Harry Potter book series:


#PotterABook is yet another pun-filled Twitter tag that’s brightened our days with a Potter twist- and I look forward to the next one! In the meantime, which one is your favorite? Can you think of any more #PotterABook titles? Tag us on twitter (@AmReadingdotcom) with your titles!

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Featured image via INQ Pop

h/t Entertainment Weekly