Quiz: In Honor Of The Upcoming TV Finale: How Well Do You Really Know ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

The Vampire Diaries is finally coming to an end.

For years, fans of this TV show have wondered how all the action and conflict could possibly be resolved. Will Elena and Damon live happily ever after? Can Stefan finally put aside his regret and actually start living? Will Bonnie find the happiness she so obviously deserves? Will any of our beloved characters tragically die at the last minute??

On March 10th, we’ll finally find out. And maybe cry a little…

Here’s just a little teaser for what’s coming up in the finale:


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While you wait for the finale, indulge all your Vampire Diaries feels by taking an epic book vs. TV quiz. How well do you know the real story behind all the romance and action? Are you a TRUE Vampire Diaries fan? Take the quiz now and find out!


Featured image via Georges Pigot