Guys Read: Trying To Get Guys To Read In The Digital Age

If you’re a guy who enjoys reading (or even if you don’t) then the Guys Read site is absolutely something you should check out. Guys Read is a project that was started to try to get more young men to start reading at a young age. The idea behind the website is to create a place where books that may interest guys can be curated.

The organization was founded by Jon Scieszka, the author of the Time Warp Trio series as well as other children’s and young adult books. The idea behind the organization was to find a way to get more young men and boys to pick up a book and start reading. The Guys Read homepage notes that while there is evidence that less boys are reading, they will read if you can find something they are interested in. Hopefully, by letting guys know that these books exist, they will actually get them to read. However, the goal isn’t necessarily to suddenly create this generation of males who just love reading and can’t get enough of it.

The mission section of the Guys Read acknowledges that you can’t just get guys to read by telling them it’s fun and wonderful. Instead, the organization is founded on the idea of starting small and simply giving guys something they might initially enjoy and then expanding that interest. The Guys Read website even has a section that instructs you how to create your own regional club affiliated with Guys Read. Being affiliated with the organization gives you access to Guys Read ideas and puts you on the website’s map. The site itself serves as a large online collection of books complete with reviews and ratings.

The books listed on the website cover various genres including sports, non-fiction, action/adventure, and fantasy. The site also curates a few different lists from members. This system enables site-goers to find books they may be interested in based on reviews and other members who like the same genres you enjoy. And of course, there is also some merchandise that can be bought online to both promote the organization and reading.

If this sounds like something for you, definitely check it out! If you’re a parent with a young son, or a teacher who teaches boys, then this is something to for sure look at to try to promote reading. We need more guy book lovers!

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