Quiz: Who Said It: Voldemort, Trump, Or King Joffrey?

Can you tell the difference between evil, misogynistic drivel and…well…fictional evil, misogynistic drivel? A new quiz will tell you (linked at the bottom of the article).

The contestants:

  1. Joffrey, the villainous boy king from Game of Thrones
  2. Donald Trump, America’s villainous real life new president
  3. Voldemort, evil guy extraordinaire from the Harry Potter novels

It might be difficult, but your task is to use all your literary (and political) knowledge to pair each villain with their famously brilliant quotes on life, women, power, and death.

Here’s a video (spoiler alert: it’s really really hard to tell who said what):

Click here to take the quiz yourself, and good luck!

YouTube Channel: Duquesne Student Television

Featured image via Vulture