Dear Diary: 6 Ways To Make Journal Writing Less Boring

Dear Diary,


I don’t know about you, but I’ve started and restarted writing in my personal journal more times than I care to admit. It always goes the same way: I enthusiastically and faithfully write for a while, I run out of things to say, I get bored, and I don’t write in it for a year. In reality, keeping a journal has significant benefits, including improved memory, stress relief, and the ability to process emotions better. Even with the positive results, if it isn’t enjoyable, we’re not likely to do it, are we? That’s the cold, hard truth.

So, here are some ways you and I can spice up our journal writing!


1. Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is basically a notebook (usually a graph paper notebook) that has multiple functions: planner, to-do list, journal, and note pages. By combining all of these functions, you can keep your life organized and efficient while also documenting things big and small in your life. You can keep notes about your projects, your reading journal, your meal planning, and more.

2. Doodles Or Visuals

No one said that a journal has to consist only of words. Take your old, boring journal and doodle in the margins or in the middle of the text. Add a splash of color! I don’t know if doodles are worth a thousand words exactly, but they certainly can’t hurt. You could also do a scrapbook/journal combo, where you write in the pages but also include photos.


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3. Themed Pages

Instead of simply recounting the events of the day, which gets tedious fast, you could choose a theme or prompt for a journal entry. What are some funny stories from your childhood? What foods do you hate? What makes you laugh? Responses can be as short or detailed as desired. There are countless options to choose from, so you (and I) don’t have to figure out what to write, even if we have a dull day.

themed page

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4. Creative Recording

Could you describe your day or week using the letters of the day of the week? Or letters of your name? You can stretch your creative muscles as well as record your life events as much as you want in your journal.

by day

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Or, if you don’t want to write about how every day went specifically, but you want to get a broad view of every day in a year, you could use this “Year in Pixels” type of system and then write about the high and low points in more detail.

year in pixels

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5. Fun, Cute Journal Covers

Shopping for cute journals or notebooks doesn’t have to wait until the back-to-school sales in August. You can find basically any color, design, or theme out there, so everyone can find a journal or notebook that appeals to them. I personally like covers that make me laugh or that reflect my personality, like Wreck This Journal, literature-themed journals, and others.

I figure if the cover makes me smile, I’m more likely to pick it up, read what I’ve already written, and write more in it.

cute journals

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6. Gratitude Journals

Last, but certainly not least, is a gratitude journal. Sharing the good things that happen to you throughout the day can improve your overall mood, make you happier, and lower your stress. Even if you’re not grateful for everything you experience, there is always something positive in every situation and worth documenting in a daily or weekly gratitude journal. Focusing your journal writing on the good you see and appreciate will help you keep your chin up when things are going wrong.


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How do you keep journal writing interesting and fun?

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