You’ve Never Hear Of Them? 6 Very Underrated Historical Fiction Authors

Like any type of genre fiction, historical fiction can be either breathtaking, or atrociously written and bizarre. All genres have their weirdos as well as their popular authors, niches, and those talented writers of the craft who either can’t emerge into fame, or choose not to. The authors below are talented writers of the craft who just haven’t yet received the acclaim to put them in the headlines.


1. Indu Sundaresan

Sundaresan is an intelligent woman with two higher education degrees in research and economics, but her desire to tell stories began to swell soon after she graduated, and Sundaresan published her first book in 2002. Her interest in storytelling was largely inspired by the Indian mythology and folklore her father told her as a child, and her books explore fascinating periods of Indian history through a fictional lens. Some of Sundaresan’s works are: The Twentieth Wife, In The Convent of Little Flowersand The Mountain of Light

2. M.M. Kaye

During her life, Kaye was a well traveled woman whose many books give readers a taste of the countries she lived and visited. Some of Kaye’s most notable works are: Death in CyprusShadow of the Moonand The Far Pavilions.


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3. Russell Banks

While Banks has been nominated for prestigious awards such as The Pulitzer Prize, has had his writing compared to Faulkner and Raymond Carver, and has film adaptations for two of his novels, The Sweet Hereafter and Affliction, he still remains a bit under the radar given his literary success. His novels are gritty historical fiction, exploring tough topics like poverty and race. Some of his titles include: The Book of Jamaica, Cloudsplitterand The Darling


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4. Wayne Johnston

This Canadian author has his MA in English. A novel he wrote during his graduate studies called The Story of Bobby O’Malley earned him early notice. Johnston’s books often take place in the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. He is most known for his novel The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, a fictionalized story about a Canadian political figure. Some of Johnston’s other titles are: The Divine Ryans, Baltimore’s Mansionand The Custodian Paradise of Paradise


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5. Ahmad Ardalan

Ardalan has a passion for learning about different cultures and his passion fueled his desire to begin writing. In addition to his short story series Matt, Ardalan has published The Clout of Gen, The Gardener of Baghdadand Baghdad: The Final Gathering


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6. Elizabeth Kostova

Kostova is the author for readers tantalized by vampires and history. Her debut novel, The Historianblends tales of Dracula and European history. This fascinating novel drew a lot of attention from publishers, and became the first debut novel to land number one on The New York Times bestseller list. Since The Historian, Kostova has written other novels that include: The Swan Thieves, and the upcoming The Shadow Land.

Maybe these authors want the acclaim, maybe the don’t, but I know they’d love it if you checked out some of their books.

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