12 Wonderfully Weird Pet Books

National Days get pretty strange sometimes, and January 14th is no different. This day marks National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Why we need a national day to costume our animals is a concept I may never understand. While some of you took this as a chance to wrap your furry friends in tiny garments, others scoffed at the idea. Regardless of which side you’re on, here are some hilarious and odd pet books in honor of the occasion.


1. Does God Ever Speak Through Cats? by David Evans

A question every religious book has failed to answer.


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2. Knitting With Dog Hair by Kendal Crolius & Anne Montgomery

Know what blows my mind? That (at least) TWO people thought this book was a good idea.


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3. Dead Pet by Kirk Andrew & Jane Moseley

Now when your beloved hamster passes, you can plan the elaborate send-off he’s always wanted.


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4. Outwitting Squirrels by Bill Adler Jr.

If you’re going to have a squirrel as a pet, you best be prepared for his many shenanigans.


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5. What Bird Did That? by Peter Hansard & Burton Silver

Although this is a guide for drivers, certainly it can help you with your pet bird’s do-do too-too!


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6. Doga: Yoga For Dogs by Jennifer Brilliant & William Berloni

Man’s best friend has never been more limber. Namaste, pooch.


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7. Bombproof Your Horse by Rick Pelicano & Lauren Tjaden

My iPhone wanted to auto-correct the title to “Bombproof Your House”… Enough said.


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8. Living With Llamas by Rosana Hart

If you hated people enough, you’d do it too!


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9. The Pet Psychic by Sonya Fitzpatrick

Dog: “Tell Linda that I want a damn pork chop!”


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10. The Relaxed Rabbit by Chandra Beal

Your pet Thumper could really use a spa day. The ball’s in your court!

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11. Weird Pet Poems by Dilys Evans

In case you want to read and rhyme with your fur-ball.


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12. Pet Goats & Pap Smears by Pamela Wible & Kiki Metzler

No, this isn’t a book of pets, but there is nothing quite like seeing a goat while you get familiar with your nether regions.


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These books go from weird, to strange, and well beyond. Do you know any others that should be added to this hilarious list?

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