12 Reasons Why “Black Books” Is For Book Lovers

Do you like boozey British comedy? Then you need to watch Dylan Moran’s Black BooksIt aired on BBC from 2000-2004, and it’s like The IT Crowd cross-pollinated It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You can watch it on YouTube or get the DVDs, but don’t blame me if you end up binge-watching the binge-drinking cast. Here’s why bibliophiles in particular will appreciate the show:


1. You Love Being Surrounded By Books, But That Doesn’t Mean You Like The Whole Process Of Getting Them To You, Especially If It Means Talking To People…


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2. … Although You Are Happy To Talk To Anyone About Books That You’ve Read. Anyone. 


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3. You Have Dreams Of Being A Writer Yourself…


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4. … But You Can Be Self-Defeating In That Regard.


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5. At Any Given Time, You’re Heavily Weighed Down By Books.


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6. Reading Keeps You Calm.


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7. It Also Gives You Weird Ideas About Romance


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8. You Can Be A Bit Of A Snob When It Comes To Bestselling Authors.

“I bet I can open it anywhere and I find this fop posing on a jeep looking smug.”


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9. You Might Neglect Doing Things Around The House Because You’re Busy Reading.


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10. You Fall Asleep Holding Your Book.


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11. You Have Some Grammatical Hang-Ups…


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12. …And You Occasionally Shift Into Iambic Feet For Dramatic Effect.


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The show had a short run, but it has a well-deserved cult following. Join us… And please, if you know any other kooky comedies about bibliophiles, let us know.

YouTube Channel: BlackBooksUK


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