Miniature Marvels: 8 Adorable Books For The Micromaniac

Who doesn’t love a miniature? From dollhouses to functional cookware, there is no shortage of tiny products. It seems to be an ever-growing craze. Even miniature books are enjoying popularity.

In fact, one collector of miniature books in New York, Neale Albert, is purported to have over 4,000 tiny books in his collection and claims ownership to the smallest book in the world (which is only a millimeter big). Many in his collection are worth thousands of dollars.

You may not be able to keep up with Neale’s collection, but check out some of the most adorable mini books below. Some are of them are for sale and can be found online through retailers like Amazon, and hand-crafted ones through a plethora of Etsy stores.


1. Dollhouse 10-Pc. Hogwarts School Books Set From Foltz Miniatures

For Potterheads, these would be adorable to own even if you didn’t have a dollhouse to put them in.  They’re not functional, but the covers are stunning, making a great conversation piece if displayed. Foltz has other popular titles available, such as The Chronicles of Narnia and the Sherlock Holmes collections, among others.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

2. Dollhouse Miniature Coloring Book With Crayons From International Miniatures

Also marketed as a dollhouse accessory, this tiny coloring book comes with three crayons and is functional. At less than $3 a piece, buying a couple for use and a couple for display isn’t out of the question. Either way — it’s cute!

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

3. Codex Rotundus

This round book of prayers from the 15th century is replete with ornate drawings of various religious significance and measures only 9cm in diameter. It is currently housed in Germany at the Hildesheim Cathedral Library.

4. Miniature Music Box Book by Kurt Adler

Kurt Adler, a classical chorus master and music conductor, dove into the export business sometime after WWII. Among the general goods exported, were beautiful Christmas decor. Adler produced two miniature, working music boxes that doubled as Christmas tree ornaments, one in 1977 and in 1985. The music boxes were set into two tiny books, The Nutcracker Suite and Christmas Carols.

Source: Booksby Press

Source: Kurt Adler


5. Hidden Potion Books by EV Miniatures

These magical and fantasy themed mini books are bound in leather and house little vials of potions and poisons. The creator makes a wide array of other miniature books that have a dragon tooth or wizard’s wand locks, as well as specialty items that are a bit macabre in nature.

Source: Ericka V

Source: Ericka V

6. Tiny Book Accessories

Etsy is chock full of customized book jewelry and various book themed accessories. The necklace pictured below by Altered Alchemy is particularly stunning.

7. Miniature Journals

Personal journals are both therapeutic and fun.  These tiny ones, another Etsy find by Alunsina Journal, are beautifully bound and decorated, making them especially so.

8. DIY Mini Books

Not only can you find a great deal of how-to DIY mini book projects online, but Amazon also sells blank mini books that you can customize as well as a number of how-to books.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Which of these miniatures satisfies the micro maniac in you? Comment and share the adorableness!

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