Book Review: Mushroom Gully: The Rainforest Adventures Of Jemma And Nat By Fran Morris; Illustrated By Corey Wolfe

* I was kindly sent a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest opinion*

Do you remember watching the colorful, vibrant, and ever-interactive FernGully movies starring Crysta, a curious cute fariy living in the beautiful Australian rainforests?

Fran Morris’ Mushroom Gully immediately put me right back into the world of fairies and magic and I was taken away by the instant nostalgia (in a good way!).

Mushroom Gully follows the adventures of title characters Jemma, a beautiful, kind, adventurous fairy, and her firefly buddy, Nat, who is equally as adventurous though also has a witty, humorous side.


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The illustrations, by Corey Wolfe, also take on a life completely their own. What I loved most about them was the stunning intertwining of real life photographs with hand-drawn illustrations. It’s an original idea, though I have yet to see it done as beautifully as it was in Mushroom Gully.

I believe that kids, especially ages 3-7, would really have a blast reading and following along on Jemma and Nat’s adventures through their Australian rainforest home.

The pictures that accompany the interesting story are a delight to look at, and I can imagine that parents would equally love reading this story to their kids.


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I’m not sure if the author is going to make this a book series, (though it sounds like it is going to be) however, I know I will for sure keep picking them up if she decides to do so. (Hopefully with Corey Wolfe still included!).

If you’re looking for a children’s novel that will stir up your child’s imaginative senses, keep them enthralled, and won’t annoy you on ends to reread over and over again, consider checking out Mushroom Gully!

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