15 Creative (And Unexpected) Ways To Decorate Your Home Using Books

Need some ideas on how to incorporate your love of literature into your home decorating? Not to worry–the following is a list of the most creative and interesting ways you can use books in every room of your house.


1. Headboards

Do you want to be lulled to sleep every night by the words of your favorite books? Check out this DIY tutorial on creating headboards out of books.

2. Chairs

I don’t know how comfortable this would be, but it would certainly be a focus piece!

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

3. Table Legs

This book table is so much better than all those boring coffee tables out there–just make sure to use books that you never want to read or reread (legal encyclopedias, anyone?).

Source: Bookriot

Source: Book Riot

4. Coat Racks

This repurposing project is incredibly easy–even novice DIY-ers can conquer it. You can use your own books or (if you’re anti-book harm) you can paint the covers of cheap books from thrift stores and garage sales.

5. Ceiling Decorations

Isn’t this just the coolest thing ever?? It makes the room so much more interesting–it’s almost as though the books flew up there and just got stuck.

6. Hidden Doors

Confession time: I have always wanted to live in a house with a bunch of secret doors and passages. This fabulous bookcase door is bringing all those feelings racing back–I guarantee that if you made one of these, your house would be an 11 on an awesome scale of one to ten.

7. Clocks

I absolutely love these book clocks–they would definitely add a wow factor to any room you put them in.

Source: woonblog

Source: Woon Blog

8. Butterfly Sculptures

Is it just me, or would this butterfly book sculpture be absolutely perfect for nurseries? If you’re like me and want one for yourself, check out this video now.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

9. Invisible Shelves

If you’re tired of boring old wooden shelves and want something fresh and original, follow this basic how-to guide to make some awesome floating bookshelves.

10. Counters And Desks

Who needs Ikea furniture? Just use old books for all your counter and desk needs.

Source: Momtastic

Source: Momtastic

11. Planters

Aren’t these gorgeous?! This is one of the most creative book-repurposing ideas I’ve ever seen.

Source: Momtastic

Source: Momtastic

12. Wall Decor

Heads up, Potterheads! If there is any room in your house that needs decorating–an office, a playroom, a child’s (or adult’s, let’s be real here) bedroom–then it’s time to whip out the black paint.

Source: Bookbub

Source: Bookbub

13. Jewelry Boxes

This charming little jewelry box would make an amazing Christmas present if you’re still scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone…

Source: Stylecaster

Source: Stylecaster

14. Pencil Cups

Why weren’t these a thing when I was younger?! It totally beats my lame old pencil caddy.

Source: Stylecaster

Source: Stylecaster

15. Knife Holders

Do you have any old books or cookbooks that you never use anymore? This is the perfect way to repurpose them and spruce up your kitchen at the same time.

Have fun decorating, bookworms!


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Featured image via Messy Nessy Chic

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