6 Book Recommendations For My Husband Who Is Not A Bookworm

My husband recently told me he actually wanted a good book to read and I said, “I have lots of recommendations!” The trouble is, most of the recommendations off the top of my head aren’t books he’d really enjoy, but what a noble goal it is to find him a book he’ll love! To guide me in the search, I put together this list of mystery, fantasy, and horror titles because I know he likes those genres of movies and video games (and most ideas for movies and video games come from books anyway, right?). So, if your significant other doesn’t really jump to go to the bookstore, maybe these recommendations will give them that extra literary push!


1. His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman

This middle grade fantasy completely blew me away. I missed out on it as a child, but read it recently, and could not believe how incredible it was! This book will appeal to my husband because of the careful characterization (namely how badass and clever Lyra is) the world building, and the classic good vs. evil themes. If your significant other is also a picky reader, have them give this one a try. It’s a fantasy classic that delivers on all its hype.


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2. Bad Times Series by Chuck Dixon

Dixon is known for his impeccable talent in creating fast-paced, suspenseful narratives that still manage to hold space for carefully crafted characters. I know that any significant other who hasn’t picked up a book in a few years will enjoy this series because of the unending action, but also the determination Dixon has to tell a damn good story.


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3. Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Known for his twisted storytelling, Palahniuk is the perfect recommendation for anyone that doesn’t usually read because he’s got an attention grabbing wit that pairs well with his haunting narratives. This recent novel from Palahniuk is a campy horror that’s ripe with character prototypes, all set in a Hell-filled reality with the mundane tortures of everyday life such as boring movies and solicitors (well, ordinary life except for the demons eating sinners thing).


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4. Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Gaiman is an author to recommend to anyone. With such a wide range, from picture books, to comic books, to novels, there’s bound to be something of his that even the stingiest non-bookworm could love. I know my husband and other non-bookworms will like Gaiman’s Anansi Boys because of the interesting fantastical family dynamics, and the dangerous adventure that unfolds after the protagonist, Fat Charlie Nancy, meets his brother, Spider.


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5. The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

McMahon blends mystery and horror in this intriguing novel set in an isolated Vermont farmhouse, which is notorious for the death of a notable towns person during the year 1908. The careful merge of genres makes this a unique recommendation for lovers of thrill and suspense.


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6. Playing with Fire by Tess Gerritsen

This thriller delivers stunning emotional depth as well as psychological suspense. It is an easy novel to get immersed into because of its original, interwoven narratives that meet to solve the mystery.


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Whatever book my husband chooses, I’m going to get in on the action and read or reread it with him because all of these titles caught my attention!

What books would you recommend to non-readers?

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