Looking For The Perfect Holiday Gift? 11 Reasons Books Are The Best Choice

Giving gifts is a holiday delight, but sometimes finding the perfect something is a lot harder than it seems. There is a plethora of possible gifts. Some are cheaply made, while others are impersonal, and so many are expensive. These facts take some of the joy out of the gift giving experience. There is, however, one item that wins every time — A book! Here are a few (eleven) reasons to choose a book for someone, or everyone, on your list this year:


1. Books Are Always Personable

Finding gifts that suit the person you’re buying for is next to impossible. Most ideas are generic and not specifically fitting to the personality of your loved one. Books on the other hand, come in so many genres, sizes, and cover every topic possible. If you know the interests of your special person — there is a book for them, too!


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2. It’s Not Just A Book, It’s A New Life

That’s right. A good book pulls to you into a life that’s not your own. You learn how to see our world (or other worlds!) from the eyes of someone else. If anyone on your list needs a vacation, books are a great way to give them one for next to nothing.


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3. They’re Easy To Wrap

A square package with a firm casing, and nice, straight edges. Call me crazy, but I love wrapping! However, when I’m trying to wrap clothes, or coffee mugs, I can’t help but long for the books I get to wrap up. A wrapped book in fancy Christmas paper, with gorgeous ribbon makes the gift wrapping extravaganza all worth while.


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4. The ‘B’ In Budget Is For Books

The holidays can be an overwhelming time, especially since end of the month bills come right after Christmas. Luckily, a book fits into just about every budget. Not only are they personable, and easy to wrap, but they also do not break the bank. I believe that’s a win-win…win!

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5. Books Can Change Minds (Even The Most Stubborn Ones)

I’m the first to admit that when I feel strongly about a social injustice, I get all Facebook ranty. I can’t help it, but I am pretty sure that buying a book about the specific rant-worthy subject is a much better idea. Not only will it be better written and informative than my two paragraph rant, but it also allows my rather opinionated relative to soak in ideas they might have been previously opposed to. Extra points for sneaky mind changing.

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6. You Can Make A Book Even More Personal

Giving a book gives you an extra special right. The right to graffiti within the first few pages. The fancy term for this is an inscription of course, but graffiti sounds way more fun. Leave a sweet message inside and it will stay there, year after year. What could be sweeter or more time-transcending?

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7. Books Can Have More Than One Owner

One word that gives people a shudder is the dreaded “re-gift.” A gift that you never use, and re-wrap, and give to a whole new home. The charming part is reducing waste, but unfortunately this little trick can cause holiday fights. This causes most of us to avoid re-gifting. However, books are different; a book you can read and know that someone else would love it just as much as you do. You can then write in an inscription, or add to an existing one, and pass a book on. A book that has many readers is a book full of history, making this re-gift evermore thoughtful.

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8. Knowledge Is Power

A book is the perfect gift for someone looking to better themselves. A growing knowledge is the best secret weapon anyone can have. Giving someone the chance to grow is unbeatable in the gift-giving world.

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9. A Book For You, And A Book For You!

Channel your inner Oprah, and give a book to everyone on your list. I know, you’re thinking about that person that always says “I don’t read books,” and you’re wondering what else to get them. Well, get them a book; from magazines, to poetry collections, to coffee table books, and bathroom readers. As long as your person can read, there is a book out there they will love. You just have to listen to their interests and presto—you’re set!

10. Once A Book, Always A book

Books don’t break, die, or disintegrate (unless they are really REALLY old). Of course, fire can be destructible and water isn’t peachy, but otherwise, books are here to stay. Books are not battery powered either. They are the simplest of entertainment, filled with stories that last a lifetime; and that is the best kind of gift to give.

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11. Books Need No Accessories

A book does not need headphones, batteries, or a charger. A book doesn’t require a fancy carrying case, or protection cover. You can read the pages of a great book anywhere: from your couch, to the beach, to a grassy hill.

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In conclusion, your gift-buying list should just read book, book, book, book, and book. What are some other reasons to give the gift of books?

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