Book Review: The Night Before Christmas By Rose Collins

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

As if I couldn’t be more loud and proud about it with all my other holiday-related posts, I absolutely love Christmas. Every single thing about it (minus the hectic, and sometimes overwhelming shopping).

What brings me even more delight about the holly jolly season are the wonderful stories, both classic and modern, that bring attention to the reason for the season, as well simply lift up downtrodden spirits.

Rose Collin’s The Night Before Christmas does exactly that and more.

Collins retells the classic story, (originally told by Clement Clarke Moore and also recognized as A Visit From St. Nicholas) through stunning illustrations that you know only someone who truly loves to write, draw, and tell stories can do. I felt as if I were right there among the bears (yes, another cute twist: bears take the place of the giddy children who are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus through their chimneys).


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The book script remains respectfully close to the original while adding its own unique details in the wording of the story, the depictions of the characters (as stated above, humans are replaced with adorable bears), as well as the illustrations.

One of the reasons that I always jump at the opportunity to read a new children’s book, or one I haven’t yet had the chance to read, is simply because of the artwork and illustrations. For me, a story such as The Night Before Christmas cannot be accurately told without the accompaniment of lovely illustrations to follow; this is why Collins’ take on the beloved holiday classic stands out among other retellings. From the minute your eyes glaze over the first page, you are entranced into the world of holiday spirit, hot cocoa, and warm, cozy beds and you never want to leave!

If you love the holidays just as much as I do, or are looking for a fresh, vibrant take on one of the most popular and well-known Christmas stories of all time, pick up Rose Collins’ The Night Before Christmas. You’ll be whisked away in Santa’s sleigh in no time!


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For more of Rose, be sure to follow her on Goodreads author account! You can pick up a copy of Rose’s book, here.

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