R.L. Stine And Marc Brown Teaming Up For Second Picture Book

Goosebumps author R.L. Stine and Marc Brown, author and illustrator of the Arthur books, are collaborating on a new picture book titled Mary McScary.

The two children’s book icons have been friends for many years. Stine has written hundreds of middle grade horror books, most notably the Goosebumps series, but also the Fear StreetMostly Ghostly and Rotten School books. Brown created the Arthur series, is a producer of the PBS TV show, and has illustrated several picture books by other children’s authors.

Last year, Stine and Brown released their first picture book together, The Little Shop of Monsters. This was the first picture book Stine ever worked on, a combination of his signature creepy material and Brown’s more traditionally kid-friendly work.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

The new picture book will introduce Mary McScary, a girl who loves to frighten her friends and family. When her cousin, Harry, who is very difficult to scare, comes to visit, Mary challenges herself to spook him.

Scholastic press release describes the new book: “Mary McScary is a wildly funny new picture book that will have kids shrieking, ‘BOOOOOO!’ Mary spends her days being scary. She scares her mom, her dad, her pets, and even a balloon! But Mary has met her match when her cousin Harry McScary comes to visit. He’s not afraid of anything, until Mary finds a way to give Harry the scare of his life.”

Stine said of the project, “This is my second picture book collaboration with Marc Brown, and I’ve enjoyed reaching this younger readership. I’m having so much fun working with Marc on this funny—and slightly naughty—new character.”

Brown echoed the sentiment, saying, “Long ago I decided only to work with people who are funny, creative, just a bit wicked, and very clever. Bob Stine is all of those things.” Regarding the approach he’s taking with the illustrations, Brown added, “Bringing Mary McScary to life seemed to dictate a new style of art, something bold, energetic, and playful. This collage technique felt like the right spirited visual look for this mischievous character.”

Source: SATPRNews

Source: SATPRNews

Mary McScary will be released by Scholastic in September 2017—right on time to get the scary children in your life prepared for Halloween.

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