When Social Media Scrolling Makes You Feel Like A Bum, (And Not A Bookworm) Try This

There’s nothing like sitting down in a comfortable chair near a fireplace with a nice cup of coffee, phone in hand, ready to read . . . Facebook news.

That’s not right, is it? That’s not quite the cozy image most of us have in mind when we think about someone reading, and yet, many of us are quicker to open Facebook than an eReader, or quicker to scroll through Twitter than to grab a book.


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We might question the credibility of what we read, because you know, that whole fake news problem. Then, there comes a certain point when we realize, there’s just nothing left to read. We keep scrolling and zoning, but we aren’t really reading anything anymore. Still, it’s so tempting to click on any social media site icon. This habit is the cycle of participating in activities that aren’t truly fulfilling, but rather, ritualistic.

In his post on the website Psychology of Stuff, author and podcast host David Kadavy describes the process of changing habits as becoming “un-hooked.”

In narrowing the focus specifically to shedding the social media habit, author Alan Henry of the website Lifehacker details three steps.

*Before you commit, decide if there’s something wrong with your social media habit. By that I simply mean, is the habit bothering you and would you like to change it? If you’d rather be reading a good book than scrolling through social media, then you can break the habit slowly.*

The first step is to identify what makes you want to check social media. The driving force might simply be boredom. Perhaps you feel anxious about being in public places alone, and participating in social media makes you feel less isolated. There are many reasons to click that Facebook or Twitter or social whatever icon, and when you can identify your reasons you can begin to change your habit.


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Changing a habit starts with small steps, so the second step is to allow yourself to read “micro chunks” of a book. You don’t have to read hundreds of pages at a time to make it worthwhile. Give yourself permission to read only until you start to lose focus.

The final step is to replace social media with a book. Every time you feel the urge to check in on Facebook or wherever else, reach for a book instead.


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This step can also be successfully implemented if you read on your phone, or other mobile device, by moving the social media icons off your home screen and making your eReader app the most prominent icon.

Lastly, if you really mean business, uninstall the app altogether. You can always check it from your personal computer later.

Are you committed to becoming un-hooked?

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