6 Signs That You Are Ready For Your Own BookTube Channel

BookTube is perhaps the best network on YouTube (nah, the planet), for booklovers. This niche corner of the interwebs is specially dedicated to readers, reviewers, and frankly, anyone who has anything to say about books. Anyone can start a BookTube channel by creating an account, but if you’re wondering if it’s the right move for you, check out these signs that you are ready for your very own (book obsessed) channel!

1. You’re Ready For A Spotlight!

The timing is right, and you just know it. You’re ready to set up a camera and talk about your best-loved reads, your most coveted novels, and the stories you can’t wait to get your paws on.

BookTuber, Little Book Owl, gives some excellent advice, tips, and tricks to starting your first channel.

2. A Sense Of Community Makes You Smile!

It’s no secret that BookTubers support one another. Between advice, recommendations, support, and more, these people may just become your new besties. What makes a community is a common sense of belonging and this one is a tremendous collection of bookworms! Yes!


AmirasBookReviews took a little time out of her day to speak about why she loves BookTube.

3. You Need A Push To Read More (And More) Books!

Between novel suggestions, and reading challenges, owners of BookTube accounts have a welcomed pressure to read, read, read! So, if you need a gentle shove towards reading more than the usual, this is your calling.

Elena Reads Books talks fabulously about how much she read in one week. Woah!

4. You Want Reading Recommendations From Everyone!

Not sure what to read next? Wondering where to go to look for a new book? Starting a BookTube account will give you the chance to let your audience help you out. This wonderful group of bibliophiles drops great book recommendations where ever they go. If you don’t find them in your very own comment sections naturally, you can start a video discussing your favorite go-to books. Make sure to ask for help deciding your next literary feast!

PeruseProject is a BookTuber who has read a ton of books she would have normally skipped. Luckily, thanks to fellow readers, she not only read them, she loved them!

5. Your Opinions Simply Need To Be Heard!

If your mind is bursting with anger about how ridiculous the writing in 50 Shades of Grey was, or you absolutely hated Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (Gasp!), this is the place to let it all out. Everyone has the right to their opinions, so even if you feel like you may be standing alone in left field, there is likely at least one more outfielder with similar feelings.  For instance: A popular BookTube tag is Unpopular Opinions which are the perfect place for your not-so-common thoughts. Just please don’t come to me with any Harry Potter smack talk! *la la la la la Not Listening*


Sabrina Everywhere is just one of the many BookTubers that gives her honest (and personal) opinion of many award-winning titles.

6. Saving The Best For Last; You Need All The Free-Books!

It’s true, if you start a successful BookTube channel, you may end up with the mother-load of all things wonderful—free books.  You see, you provide an excellent platform for marketing. So where you get a free read, the author gets a free audience. It’s win-win for everyone.

Indian Booktuber shares books she got from authors, publishers, and more. All for free!  YASSSS!

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