‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans, Rejoice! Sara Shepard Is Planning To Add To The Series

Pretty Little Liars‘ fans are a group of self torturing individuals—myself included. Whether you happen to be into the books, or the popular television series, this murderous mysterious story keeps us waiting and wanting. Even when we are all out of F’s to give about who ‘A’ could possibly be, the show/book goes on. So when we hear news about the story continuing in the written word. Well—we’re thrilled! Obvi.

However, there are many differences between the show and the books. In the show, for instance, Alison comes off as the popular high school B*&!H. She is manipulative, spoiled, and mean to the cast of unpopular kids at her school. However, as the series develops, her big heart is exposed, and with it, a softer, scared Alison. Some of us even sort of like her (Gasp!).

The books paint a different Alison. A murdering sociopath if you will. This fact leaves us wondering… How did Alison get this way? What caused her dive into mania. Thankfully, there may soon be fan fiction to help us yearning die-hard fans out.


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Sara Shepard, author of the PLL novels, has recently announced her plans to write three (yes three!) novels about our friendly neighborhood psycho, Ali. These stories will dive into Alison’s past and the true creation of her loved and hated personality. This announcement is happy news, especially since we are getting closer to the release of the final season of the show. How we will go on without ‘A’?

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“Drawing off the popularity of Emily and Alison as a couple on the show, three e-books tell the tale of Ali in love…and the real story of her descent into madness.”

~ Sara Shepard


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Shepard shares her complete ideas in this Instagram post and leaves us asking one important question: When will the first book be released?

Keep reading, B*$%@S.  – A.

The Pretty Little Liars Book Series:

Sixteen titles all about our favorite mysterious girls, and that’s before Shepard’s spin-tingling announcement!

Who is your favorite liar?

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