Um, Okay…16 Strange Places Where People Like To Read

At a hockey game a few weeks ago, I heard a conversation happening behind me during a pause in the game. “What are you reading?” a voice said. “Oh, it’s a book for my book club,” said the other lady. I obviously looked back to see what she was reading, and it was Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill.

Now, every time I go to the stadium, I sneak a look at this lady. During every single break in play, she’s reading. It warms my heart!


Source: TMZ

This has me thinking: what’s the strangest place I’ve ever read a book? Or the strangest place I’ve seen someone reading? Here are a few examples of what I’ve seen and heard.


1. At The Movie Theater

A friend of mine always takes a book (and sometimes two) to the movies, in case things get boring.

2. On The Ferry

As part of my city’s transit system, we have two ferries that travel across the harbor. It’s about a 13 minute ride, and I always see people reading.

Source: wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

3. In A Hunting Stand

My mom’s friend heads to her tree stand every year during deer hunting season and she always takes a book.


Source: The Hibbitts

4. On The Toilet

Yep. I know. I won’t tell you who I’ve seen do this but… I guess it makes sense?

Source: imgur

Source: Imgur

5. While Knitting

My sister does this! Or she tries to, anyway. I don’t think she’s always successful.

6. On The Treadmill

I’ve tried to do this myself, but without success. Other gym rats, however, have no problem with it.

7. On A Bicycle

When I was a kid, I tried to read as I was cycling to school. It did not end well.

8. In The Bathtub

This is one of my faves. It doesn’t get any better than a soak and a novel!


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9. While Brushing Your Teeth

Umm… okay? No judgment, I guess.

10. At Red Lights, While Driving To Work

All I know is that I better not get hit by someone who’s reading. I will NOT be sympathetic!


Source: News Times

11. On The Side Of A Cliff

No. Just no. I don’t do heights.

12. While Washing Dishes

I’ve heard of trying to make chores more fun, but this one is a bit much. And a bit messy, I bet.

13. In The Swimming Pool

Hey, why didn’t I think of this?


Source: Story Croft

14. While Cooking Dinner

Guilty. I’ve done it. Although audiobooks make it way easier.

15. Sitting In A Snowbank

Not the coziest spot, in my opinion, but why not?

16. At Your Own Wedding

This will be me someday. White dress, handsome groom, fantastic novel; best day ever.

I even heard about a man who brought a book to a funeral! He said he was with some friends and he didn’t personally know the deceased or the family at all, so he quietly sat in the back of the parlor and read.

What or where is the strangest place you’ve ever read a book?

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