5 Amazing YouTube Book Clubs For The Digital Age

Let’s face it, book clubs always seem like a great idea: they can gather people, share ideas, and discuss the book(s) that members have read. They are a great way to help form opinions on books, and disseminate the meanings and ideas the author was trying to get across. They do come with some problems, such as logistical ones that always seem to get in the way of members’ schedules and ability to meet up. There is also usually someone that needs to take charge, placing a lot of weight on that lead. Nonetheless, we are always trying to figure out ways to discuss books, and in 2016, we have a solution. Online book clubs through YouTube is one of those answers that provides a way to have some face-time discussing books, yet you can do it from your home, cafe, or wherever! Here are some of these you might want to join in on:


1. The Lonely Genres Book Club

Hosted by Sara (sarawithoutanH) and Anaïs (Clockworkitten), this is a fun book club to jump into, as it focuses on books that are generally overlooked or underread. Steampunk and horror are just a couple of the genres in this ever expanding book club. They host videos, special guests, and at a new book every two months, it is at a pace easy for most to keep up with. Here is the Goodreads for them!


2. DiverseAThon

#DiverseAThon is a hashtag, a book club, and a reason to read! This book club, hosted by Christina Marie, is held once every couple of months, so pay attention to your calendar! As the name of the club states, they read books that have a diverse set of characters. DiverseAThon is a much needed book club for readers of all genres.

Youtube Channel: Christina Marie

3. The Banging Book Club

With hosts, Hannah Witton, Leena Norms and Lucy Moon, this is a book club that focuses on reading books about sex, non-fiction, fiction, etc. A list of books they have read can be found on their Goodreads page. Funny, poignant and progressive, this is a great book club to watch or be a part of.

YouTube Channel: The Banging Book Club

4. The Feminist Orchestra Book Club

Hosted by Jean Bookishthoughts, this is a book club that is ever expanding, and has a wonderful back catalog, which can be found on Goodreads. You an also be more interactive and vote for the books you want to read here. This book club is highly recommended and full of fun reading on important topics.

YouTube Channel: The Feminist Orchestra Book Club

5. Zoella Book Club

Zoella is a well known name in the YouTube vlogging world, and having a book club only seems natural in addition to her other ventures in online videos. She also has written books, and has book deals promising more. Therefore, literary conversations is in her nature. Check out more here!

YouTube Channel: Zoella Book Club

Which online book clubs are you a part of or want to be a part of?


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