Wyoming Bookstore Completely Bans WiFi

A Casper, Wyoming bookstore is making headlines as it has enforced a new rule. One that will surely take customers back to the days of when technology didn’t completely rule a majority of people’s lives: they are banning WiFi and the use of cell phones and computers in their store.

The bookstore is called Wind City Books and owner Vicki Burger is standing by her technology ban. There is a sign on the front door before you enter the store that states:

“Take a break. Live like it’s 1993. Emails can wait.”

So, have customers been flipping over tables, secretly texting, or the like in passionate protest against the WiFi ban? Well, not exactly. In fact, Ms. Burger says that her customers have actually been appreciative of the ban and have embraced it wholeheartedly.

It’s good to see people not losing their minds over not having access to internet. In fact, I think the lack of WiFi idea could potentially spark a change in other bookstores. After all, you are in a bookstore so you can shop and enjoy looking over potential new book buys. Why be distracted by a text or email you can answer once you leave the shop?

What are your thoughts on this Wind City Books’ decision to be sans-WiFi? Feel free to share below!

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