Make A Difference! 6 Great Charities That Promote Reading And Literacy

The holiday season is fast approaching and the spirit of giving is in the air. For many people all over the world who struggle with literacy, there’s no greater gift than helping them reach their literacy goals and give them the tools they need to succeed. Here are six fantastic charities that help promote reading and literacy all over the world:


1. Books Abroad

Books Abroad is dedicated to fighting poverty in developing countries by promoting literacy and education. They’re tackling the world’s demand for books by saving used books from the trash and getting them into the hands of the people who need them most.

How you can help: Do you have used books laying around? Don’t throw them out – instead, donate them to Books Abroad. They’re asking for lightly used textbooks, dictionaries, atlases, children’s books, and young adult fiction. You can also make a small donation to help books reach their destination.


Source: Books Abroad

2. Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit organization that partners with pediatricians across the U.S. to promote reading to young children. During routine check-ups, doctors encourage parents to read to their young children every day as part of a healthy lifestyle. According to the nonprofit, Reach Out and Read children were three to six months ahead of their peers in vocabulary tests.

How you can help: Reach Out and Read is asking for donations and volunteers. They are especially seeking the donation of gently-used children’s books for waiting rooms. They’re also looking for volunteer readers in clinic waiting rooms.

3. First Book

First Book helps kids from low-income families in the U.S. and Canada get the books and learning materials they need to succeed in school. They offer schools and educational programs reduced-price and free books and other resources.

How you can help: First Book is looking for donations to help them purchase educational materials. They also need volunteers to help with distribution.

Source: First Book Blog

4. Worldreader

Worldreader is dedicated to bringing digital books to children and families in places where literacy and poverty are widespread. Their e-book library is 37,000 titles and 43 languages strong and has reached almost four million people since 2010.

How you can help: Worldreader has many ways to get involved. You can donate, fundraise, become a sponsor, or become a volunteer on one of their teams across the globe.


Source: Worldreader

5. Room to Read

Room to Read is tackling both illiteracy and gender inequality in the classroom in developing countries. They believe that the key to changing the world is to educate children. They help elementary school students gain the literacy skills they need to succeed, and they also help young girls stay in school.

How you can help: Room to Read asks people around the world to take action. They’re looking for monthly donations and chapter volunteers.


Source: Room to Read

6. ProLiteracy

ProLiteracy is tackling the often overlooked issue of adult illiteracy, which affects 36 million adults in the U.S. and 800 million adults worldwide. Adult illiteracy can make it difficult for adults to complete basic tasks like filling out a job application, and illiteracy is often passed from parent to child, making it an intergenerational problem.

How you can help: ProLiteracy is searching for volunteers to tutor adult students in basic reading, math, and computers in local communities. They’re also asking for donations to help support adults seeking literacy skills.

How will you get involved?

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