Life Of A Working Bookworm: 6 Awesome Bookish Blogs And Sites (Featuring Our #AmReading Writers)!

Here at #AmReading, we take a lot of pride and joy in what we do, what we read, and what we write about. To get to know a few of our writers a little more, here are 5 #AmReading writers who kick butt both on and off the page!


1. The White Unicorn And Bystander Magazine

Christianna Marks is one of the co-founders of Bystander Magazinean online magazine that is “a place where the creative spirits of the world come to play. Our main focus is to promote the things we love in the most positive ways possible, while still bringing honesty to our pieces.”

It’s an online site perfect for the indie bookworm who wants to read, discuss, and talk about all the things they love. Christianna also has her own YA book blog, The White Unicorn, (centered on all things YA and beyond) that offers endless book reviews for each and every Young Adult book lover around the globe to gaze upon and devour.

You can keep up with Bystander Mag via their Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as sign up for their newsletter, here! (Honest Opinion: they have some very awesome and original stuff on their site!)

If you need a guide for all things YA-related, Christianna is your girl!


Source: Christianna Marks

2. Confessions of a Writer

Lauren has been with a part of the #AmReading team for a short bit, though you may recognize her name as the author of some of your most favorite #bookworm relatable, lol-worthy articles such as No Cure In Sight: 11 Signs You’re A Book Lover For Life, 8 (Plus One) Bookish Accessories That Will Keep Us Cozy In Bedand The Struggle Is Real: 10 Difficulties Book Lovers Face On The Daily! Wanna know a little more about Lauren? Check out her personal website, Confessions of a Writer where she writes about the life of a writer, everyday confessions, and awesome short stories!


Source: Lauren Miller

3. The Reality Bug

If you’re in the mood for some major #bookporn, head over to The Reality Bug! Home to a glorious plethora of book reviews, details about bookish subscription boxes, new upcoming authors, and more, this bright and bubbly website belongs to Savana Charter! (Savana sadly had to leave our #AmReading team recently to focus on her studies, though we loved having her aboard and recommend you check out the greatness that is her website! (She updates regularly, too so that’s a plus!).


Source: Savana Charter

4. Cierra’s Heart Of Books

I also have my own online book home, Cierra’s Heart of Books, where I write book-themed articles, talk about authors and literary genres I love, and of course, add in some good ol’ book reviews. I’ve been with #AmReading since April and I can truthfully say that I love my job! It’s always great when work doesn’t actually feel like the grind of work, though is genuinely enjoyable. It’s been a blessing to work with our talented team of writers and I’m excited for what the future has in store for this great site!


Source: Author’s Own

5. The Books In My Head

Ellie has been a part of the #AmReading team for about a month (check out her recent articles: Rest In Pieces: The Strangest, Most Gruesome Deaths In Fiction, Part I and Happy Holidays: The Book Lover’s Gift Guide) and TBIMH is her own lovely bookworm site. Ellie’s site includes book reviews, facts about authors, and other spontaneous topics that readers alike can enjoy such as: dealing with a bad book ending and widely amusing Shakespeare stories rewritten in the classic style of Dr. Seuss. (She’ll be rich off that idea one day, watch!) TBIMH is a great site to check out if you’re in the mood for some literary humor!


Source: Ellie Hicks

6. (Your Name Here)

If you’re contemplating whether you want to start your own website, blog, instagram account, anything at all, I have one question for you: why not now? In this day and age, we have the world at our fingertips and we’re able to share our loves, passions, and thoughts with people from all around the world. If you’ve been needing that extra (constructive and positive) push to get your site, business, whatever it may be off the ground, consider this it!

Do you have your own book-inspired website, blog, journal, or YouTube Channel? Comment the link down below so your fellow bookworms can support ya!

YouTube Channel: HollyByGollyBooks


Featured image via The Bookish Blog

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