No Cure In Sight: 11 Signs You Are A Book Lover For Life

Warning: this list is made for bibliophiles, bookworms, autobiography connoisseurs, graphic novel enthusiasts, and book lovers alike. If you do not read novels on a regular basis, you won’t get it. #sorrynotsorry


1. Instead Of A “To-Do” List, You Write “To-Read” Lists

Your to-read lists are not short, either.


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2. Your Idea Of A Perfect Date Is Wandering The Aisles Of Barnes And Noble

Instead of dinner and a movie, you want hand holding and book admiring.


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3. You Don’t Own A TV

Just stacks and stacks of amazing stories. Who needs the boob tube, anyway?


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4. Your Nightstand Doesn’t Have Any Free Space

It’s okay, your watch and hair-tie have a home… On top of the five books you’re currently reading!

5. Reading Shuts Off Your Ears

Kids could be screaming. People could be trying to tell you something. You don’t hear any of it.

6. You’d Rather Be Reading

No matter who is trying to bid for your precious attention, you can’t get your mind off of the novel sitting at home waiting for you.  So you nod, and you smile, until you can GTFO! We feel you.


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7. All Of Your Advice Comes From Literary Characters

The most important rules you live by are the same as Harry Potter. You two are totally twinsies. Okay, okay, maybe a few things came from your mom, too.


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8. Your Passwords (And Wifi) Are Book References

Only total book lovers use passwords like “1984Orwell”, or wifi names such as “Tale of Two Routers.”


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9. You Skip Nights Out For Nights In. Alone.

“I’d love to come, but, I have a book to read.”


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10. Your Bag Always Weighs More

A hardcover book is a hefty object to carry around all day, but it’s worth it for all the reading you can sneak in!


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11. Your Biggest Pet Peeves Are Interrupters

You know, the people who talk to you while you’re reading and don’t stop until you pause your book to answer them. The worst!


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If you agree with more than two of these statements, you are indeed a lover of books. You don’t choose the life of reading, it chooses you.

Welcome to the club!

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