The Struggle Is Real: 10 Difficulties Book Lovers Face On The Daily!

Owning the self title, ‘book lover’ is a demanding job. Reading piles of books means time, and for anyone with a full-time job (and a life!) it can be downright impossible to read as much as you want. Sure, starting a new book is easy. You choose the book, put aside fifteen minutes of your time, and before you know it. BAM! You’re addicted.

Now, how do you find the time to finish that book?

Folks, the struggle has never been more real.


1. Choosing Between Coffee And Reading, Or Coffee And Breakfast

Books win. Every. Time.


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2. Getting Your Giant Novel Out The Door!

Some books just don’t fit in our bags without looking conspicuous! Time to get creative!


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3. Sneaking Paragraphs In At Work

The most skilled readers are the people who can read anywhere. Sneaky, sneaky.


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4. Figuring Out How To Get Off Early And Get Home To Your Family Book.

Family time, shmamly time. Get home to that book!


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5. Cooking Dinner And Reading

Finishing a chapter and NOT ending up in the ER with a third degree burn? A skill every reader has mastered!

6. Eating Dinner And Reading

Multitasking is key in the avid readers daily life.

7. Ignoring ‘Mom, Dada, MAMA!’ Requests With Your Nose In The Book

Child: “Dad, where are my toes again?”

Dad: *looks up from book. Boops nose. Goes back to book.*

Child: *giggles*

30 seconds of silence

Child: “Dad…. Dada… DAD!!”

Ignoring attempts refresh.


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8. Getting Your Tiny Humans To Bed Early For More Read Time

Plus wine. Don’t forget the wine.

9. Staying Up Too Late

Because there are only 5 more chapters to go.


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10. Waking Up And Figuring Out When You Will Read The Very Last Chapter

And finally, FINALLY finish your book!


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Bonus: Longing For The Book You Just Finished And Anticipating Your Next Read

Every bibliophile has feelings of sadness after a great book is done. Time to find the next one to squeeze into your day.


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Read on, my friends!

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