6 Spine-Chilling Books About The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac killer prowled the Northern California area during the late 60’s to the early 70’s. There were 5 murders and 2 injuries confirmed to have been committed by the Zodiac killer. However, the Zodiac killer himself claimed to have killed 37 people in a letter he sent to a newspaper.

The Zodiac killer was never caught, though there were some close calls. One man who survived being shot by the Zodiac was able to give a description of the attacker. That description led to the sketch that has since been used to try and identify the Zodiac.

There were three probable suspects. Gary Stewart proposed that the Zodiac may be his father Earl Van Best Jr. Retired police officer Harvey Hines suggested Lawrence “Kane” Kaye. The most widely accepted suspect is Arthur Leigh Allen as he has the best circumstantial evidence against him. It is Allen who was the inspiration behind the 2007 film, Zodiac.

If you’re itching to know more, keep reading for 7 thrilling books about the Zodiac killer.


1. Zodiac by Robert Graysmith

This is by far the most well-known book about the Zodiac killer. Graysmith puts forth the idea that Arthur Leigh Allen is the killer and makes such a strong case for it that many see Allen as the only option. This book is so well researched that some have even suggested that Graysmith may be the killer himself.


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2. Zodiac Unmasked by Robert Graysmith

This was written 20 years after Graysmith’s original book. In it, he re-examines the evidence with what has been unearthed since.


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3. The Most Dangerous Animal of All by Gary L. Stewart

In his book, Gary Stewart makes the case that the Zodiac killer is his father, Earl Van Best Jr. He lays the evidence out on the table and talks about what it was like to be raised by a psychopath.


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4. Most Evil by Steve Hodel

In Most Evil, Steve Hodel stretches the evidence to the maximum by making the case that his father, the Zodiac killer, and the Black Dahlia killer were all one in the same. Steve Hodel is a LAPD homicide detective who investigated the links between his father and a killer who saw death as an art form.


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5. The Zodiac Killer by Brenda Haugen

This is a nonfiction, young adult book about the Zodiac. In this version, the facts are streamlined in a more digestible way. It’s a good primer before jumping into Graysmith’s detail thick Zodiac books.


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6. This Is Zodiac Speaking by Chuck Klosterman

This is Zodiac Speaking: An Essay from Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs is a collection of comedic essays. It includes interviews Klosterman conducted with three people who have either met or have known a serial killer.


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