Pick Up Free Horror Comics Today At Halloween ComicFest!

Halloween is coming early this year at your local comic shop! Today, October 29, comic book lovers of all ages can pick up free Halloween and horror comics at the Halloween ComicFest international event.


The Event

You’ve probably heard of Free Comic Book Day, the free comic book event that happens every year in May. Halloween ComicFest is October’s Free Comic Book Day with a spooky twist perfectly befitting the Halloween season. Now in its fifth year, Halloween ComicFest is held on the first Saturday on or before Halloween every year. Check here to see if your favorite comic shop is participating!

You can come into your local comic shop on Saturday, October 29 to pick up at least one free comic from publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, Aftershock, and Viz Media. There’s a little something for comic fans and horror enthusiasts of every age, from adult thrillers to not-so-spooky stories for kids. If you’re not a fan of horror comics, no problem: non-horror superhero comics will be available as well.

Halloween ComicFest is also hosting what they boast to be “the greatest Halloween costume contest ever.” You can submit a picture of yourself in your Halloween costume holding your free comic for a chance to win up to $500 to spend at your local comic shop. Check here for more details.

The Comics

19 different, full-sized comics are available for free this year at Halloween ComicFest! Here’s just a small sampling of what’s available:


1. Black Eyed Kids #1 by Joe Pruett, illustrated by Szymon Kudranski

When the children with solid black eyes come for you; when their haunting voices coax you to invite them inside; will you resist, or will they take your soul? Darkness has fallen on a little town in the midwest, bringing with it an ancient horror. It’s too late to run: the Black Eyed Kids are here. Comic stores will be giving away the special, black-and-white Halloween edition of this spooky comic book at the Halloween ComicFest.


Source: Amazon

2. Tomie by Junji Ito

From a visionary Japanese horror writer and artist comes a captivating tale of lust…and murder. Tomie Kawakami is an irresistibly beautiful woman with a dark and terrible secret: she can make any man fall in love with her, but her love drives them to murder. Even when Tomie herself is the victim of her own curse, she just can’t seem to stop coming back for more…


Source: Amazon

3. Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #1 by Frank Hannah and Barnaby Bagenda, illustrated by Oscar Bazaldua and Chris Summers

The Dark Ones are back, and this time, they want to take over the planet with their army of the undead! Only Ash and Annie can stop them, but first, they’ll need some help from a Voodoo Priestess. The only problem is…can she be trusted? If you loved Sam Raimi’s cult horror hit, you’ll love the next chapter in the Evil Dead 2 comic mini-series.


Source: Amazon

4. Wraithborn #1 by Marcia Chen, illustrated by Joe Weems, Joe Benitez and Studio F

Melanie is a normal, timid high school girl…until she inherits the power of the Wraithborn by accident. Now, she must work together with the one who was meant to inherit the power in order to stop the end of the world as she knows it. She has to learn to wield this new power fast, because they’re coming for her…


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5. Spidey #1 by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Nick Bradshaw

Spidey #1 is a revisit to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s origins. See him tangle with some of his earliest and most memorable villains: Sandman, Doc Ock, and more. All while trying to get his homework in on time, too.


Source: Amazon

Plus, you can pick up a number of mini-comic packs of 25 to pass out to Trick-or-Treaters. They’re fat- and sugar-free!
Click here for the full catalog of full-sized and mini-comics.
Happy Halloween ComicFest, #AmReaders!

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