Straight Outta Hogwarts: 5 Illustrious Libraries That Will Make You Believe In Magic

Who doesn’t love a good visit to a beautiful library? Heck, it doesn’t even have to be any kind of fancy one, as long as they hold the treasures on their shelves that are books. Since I’m currently reading the Harry Potter series, (currently on The Chamber of Secrets), I thought it would be fun to gaze upon and learn about a few libraries that may remind more than a few of you of the magical Hogwarts Library. Enjoy!


1. Trinity College Library In Dublin, Ireland

Currently the largest library in Ireland, this prestigious library is also known to be the permanent home of the Book of Kells, also known as the Book of Columba, a sacred Latin text made up of the four Gospels of the New Testament. What an honor, indeed! It also remains one of the very few libraries who, in 1812, was offered the chance to possess a free copy of every single book that was, up until that point, published in Britain and Ireland. So, as you can imagine, just about every kind of book on every kind of subject are among these endless shelves!


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2. Strahov Monastery Library In Prague, Czech Republic

Founded in 1143 by Bishop John of Prague, Bishop Jindřich Zdík, and Duke Vladislav II, this monumental library houses over 200,000 pieces of literature, ranging from 1,500 first editions and 3,000 manuscripts. Wowee!

Strahov Theological Hall - Original Baroque Cabinets, Prague

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3. The Royal Portuguese Reading Room In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Similar to the Trinity College Library, The Royal Portuguese Reading Room, known natively as The Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, has a lifetime right of owning at least one copy of every book and literary work that is published in Portugal. Built between 1880 and 1887, this library carries one of the largest quantities of literature, both physical and digital, equalling over 350,000 works.


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4. Palafoxiana Library In Puebla, Mexico

Known as the first public library in the Americas, Palafoxiana Library contains a mass amount of history within its walls and shelves. Named after the Bishop of Puebla, Juan de Palafox y Mendoza (who held the position from 1640 to 1655), many of its historical collections include books dating all the way back to the times prior to the independence of Mexico and the 15th century. To say the least: it is truly a cultural and historical site that leaves all visitors in awe.


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5. Codrington Library In Oxford, England

One of the most eloquent and prestigious academic libraries in the United Kingdom, Codrington Library was established by sugar plantation owner, Christopher Codrington in 1751. A primary selection of their literary collection include classic novels, as well as European, Military, and Ecclesiastical history. A history buff’s paradise for sure!


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Which libraries remind you most of Hogwarts?

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