Francis Hardwick Reads More Than Many At 102

Living to the age of 102 is an accomplishment all in its own. Frances Hardwick is an impressive woman, who has lived a very full life, and yet continues to develop through reading. She reads at least one book a week, which considering she has been with the Kirklees Council Home Library service for twenty years, that’s over 1000 reads. I hope one day I can say I’ve read over 1000 books!


Source: BBC

Frances comes from Dewsbury, UK. She has three children, four grandchildren, and has been widowed for 50 years. She retired at the age of 68 but that has not stopped her from being independent, chipper, funny, and a genuinely friendly person. It certainly hasn’t stopped Frances from reading either.


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On her 102nd birthday, Frances received a wonderful surprise. The staff at Kirklees Library decided to send her a bouquet of gorgeous flowers, and a card! It was sweet, and simple, and Ian Newsam was the person to bring it to her. According to him, she is an “amazing lady” who “always gets up to stand at the window and wave goodbye.”

“The service is wonderful, I’m so grateful for their visits – I don’t know what I’d do without them! I really enjoy reading the two books I get every fortnight, but it’s more than a book service, the people are so helpful and friendly and I know that if I have any problems, they will try their hardest to help me.

~ Frances Hardwick

Delivering books directly to readers is a great program. It is especially handy for those who have harder times getting out and about. It sounds like Kirklees Council has an excellent and warm relationship with Frances and we hope it continues on for many more special birthdays.

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h/t The Huddersfield Daily Examiner & Kirklees Council