A Sign From The Universe: Why I Need To Write

You can call me Lauren, Lolo, or if you insist, Little Laurnie and for me, writing has always been a lifeline. Similar to oxygen and blood, I need to construct sentences to survive. Transferring feelings, thoughts, hopes, secrets, and dreams to paper helps me stay balanced. Weird right? Let me backtrack a little.

Since I can remember, I have always been a crier. When I am happy, I cry. Mad? Tears. Frustrated? Bawling. It never ends, I even cry when I am laughing. Seriously. Rivers. This flow of unstoppable salt water has labelled me as an emotion person. A title I won’t deny, but writing helps me cope. It helps me thrive.


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In the beginning, I used my words to settle conflicts, which is often looked at as a poor choice (especially by the besties). However, because of the stream of unfortunate tears, and accompanied sobs, I could never properly argue with anyone. Let’s talk it out – said me, never.

Even though I very clearly used writing to solve problems, flirt, and get through my teenage angst, I still did not see it as a feasible path in life. I am still not sure I do. In high school they don’t talk about writing and authors much if at all. Knowing I had little interest in a four year university course, I dropped all of my academic classes to applied ones in grade ten, and I never looked back.

Here is a top secret nugget I am ready to share with the world: I HATE Shakespeare plays. Hate them all except Romeo and Juliet and even that play I prefer as the modern film version. Poetry is not my thing. It’s not how I speak or write, and it’s not what I want to read. #sorrynotsorry. Because of this, I much preferred academic English where we read some of my all-time favorite novels (Lord of the Flies, Death of a Salesman, etc.) I never missed Shakespeare.


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Now fast-forward a few dramatic teen years into my first year in college as an Early Childhood Education student. A practical career, no doubt. We had to take an English course to perfect our written skills before heading out into the real world. In this class we had to write an essay. I chose a devastating topic I feel strongly about, “The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children,” and wrote a near perfect essay. My teacher was quick to point out that I should be in University in Ottawa for something journalism or writing related. I took it as a compliment and continued on with my life. I missed my first ever big Universe sign of my path. Ugh!

It wasn’t until my mid to late twenties when I embraced writing by starting my first blog. It was an odd mix of all things from recipes to sage parenting advice from someone with no kids of their own. Sorry to every parent who read that crazy talk. I take it all back. Yikes.

Now I run my own blog, although less so since starting my family a year ago. At Confessions of a Writer, I write about writing which helps me vent about editing woes, writer’s block, and other trivial things. I also comment on books, and I’ve guest written too. I have also ghost written some eBooks about the popular game Minecraft and its wonderful array of characters. I contribute to this site, and am in the process of writing my first children’s novel as well as my first adult novel. Here I am Universe, I figured out my path (I hope).


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If I could give prospective writers any piece of knowledge, any advice, I would just say: Keep writing! Often you know you’re a writer when you need to clear your head onto paper (or screen). So take that nonsense, and run with it. Run like the wind. Eventually, something great will come of your basic instinct to write. If you ever feel down or unhappy with your work, remember we all do. Put it away, and write something else.

Keep. Writing.

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