Meet The World’s Longest Graphic Novel: The Bible

A graphic novel is the perfect way to tell captivating stories in an action-packed and entertaining style- a medium that you may not think to associate with the Bible. Well it’s time to rethink your expectations of the Good Book with Kingstone’s new 12 volume comic book adaptation-which claims to be the world’s longest graphic novel.

You won’t find any spandex-clad superheroes in this graphic novel of epic proportions- but you can guarantee demons, apocolyptic horrors and plagues galore! Christian publisher Kingstone brought in more than 45 illustrators to cover this 7 year project. At over 2000 pages long and available in either 12 paperback volumes or three hardcovers, this edition claims to be “the most complete graphic novel adaptation ever published.”

The developers behind The Kingstone Bible feel that such an accessible format will open new doors to those who may never have picked up a Bible before. Hoping to move away from the idea of the Bible being inaccessible and dense, this adaptation could be game changing for the way in which we all approach the text- Christians and atheists alike. By presenting the 66 books of the Bible as one complete story, Kingstone hope to provide a more fluent reading of the text.

Source: Kingstone

Source: Kingstone

For many, a graphic novel format is well-suited to a text full of dramatic and immense story lines. In this way the publishers claim that the adaptation is not to be viewed as a  “substitute for Bible reading but as a complement to help people see the scriptures in a new light.” As a result many elements of the Bible that could have been difficult to grasp or imagine to first time readers can now be appreciated and visualised in this artistic format.

This style of adaptatation will naturally attract the attention of a younger readership, which could help with the initial intoduction of biblical stories to the next generation. The company suggests that this adaption is aimed at preteens and young adults, whilst the publisher’s gerneral demographic is largely males aged between 18 and 29.

Keen to reassure readers and critics alike of a respectful handling of this sacred text, the founder of Kingstone – Art Ayris – depicted a sensitive handling of the material. He said that  despite having an unorthodox approach to the scripture, the publishers have “tried to be very orthodox in theological constructs.”

This seems like an exciting and original project- so why not order a copy?

The Kingstone Bible is available now from the Kingstone store

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