Hot Dog! 7 Bookish Gifts And Accessories For Your Pet

You have shelves full of books, DVD versions of all your favorite reads, and nerdy artwork galore. You also have a furry friend who needs something to do while you’re away at work all day. Or while you’re curled up with the latest Game of Thrones volume and ignoring everything in life.

Never fear! Here is a list of super cool literary-themed pet supplies that will keep your canine and feline friends happy as pigs in mud when you’re busy.


1. Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Puppy Outfit

Your poor little pooch is cold! Cover him up! Not only will he be nice and toasty warm, he’ll be able to ward of any undead creepers who might be lurking around your home. Grrrrrrrr.


Source: Amazon

2. Cat in the Hat hat For A Cat

Like, seriously. How cute is this? Watch out, though, cause with a cat like this around your kids might try to do some crazy things on rainy days. Lock up the fish!

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

3. Sherlock Bones Stuffed Doggie Toy

With a police dog-like sniffer like your pup has, she deserves a detective friend to help with all that sleuthing. It’s elementary, dear Watson. Ooh! Extra cool if your dog’s name is Watson!


Source: Barkshop

4. Superman Dog Harness

Heroes of the canine world: you need to stay close to your owners! This flashy harness will prevent your four legged adventurer from flying away to rescue runaway children or damsels in distress. The great responsibility is yours: keep her close, keep her safe.


Source: Rakuten

5. The Lord Of The Rings Hobbit Costume For Cats

I dare you to let your kitty prowl around the neighborhood wearing this. All people and other animals will step aside to let Fluffy pass by on her journey to the dark mountain.

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

6. Captain America Doggie Bed

Speaking of superheroes… canine captains will be able to lounge like celebrities on this awesome little bed. And don’t worry, if you notice that Fido is lying here, not moving, completely quiet, he’s NOT FROZEN. He’ll most likely wake up before 70 years pass by.

7. Cat’s Renaissance Shakespeare Outfit

This one is more of a DIY number, but man, will your feline ever be stylin’ in this getup. That ruffle though. Eat your heart out Christopher Mewlow (see what I did there?).

I know, this list is both awesome and intimidating. Before choosing a literary gift for the pet in your life, maybe you should start by asking what their favorite book is and go from there. That’ll help narrow it down.

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Featured image via Book Riot