Read Me A Story (Part 2): 6 Ways To Read To Your Grandkids Long Distance

In Part 1, we shared some great picture books for grandparents to read to their grandchildren. But what if you don’t live close enough for regular story time? While nothing can compete with actually being in the same room as your grandkids, here are some ideas about how you can continue to read together and share those special moments even when that’s just not possible.


1. Recordable Books

Even though you’re apart, your grandchildren can still enjoy the sound of your voice every day. A recordable book, like this version of Goodnight Moon, allows you to make a recording of yourself reading the book. Then you send the book to your grandchildren and they can listen to your voice telling them the story as often as they like.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

2. Make Your Own Book Recording

The recordable books are nice because you don’t need any special equipment to record or listen to the book, but if there’s a special story you want to share that doesn’t have a recordable version, you can certainly opt for the do-it-yourself version. Just use your phone or a computer with a microphone to record yourself reading a book. Then send the sound file, along with the book, to your grandchild.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

3. A Story Before Bed

A Story Before Bed is a website that allows you to create a video recording of yourself reading a book from their online library. The finished recording features a digital copy of the book and a smaller window in the corner where the video of you reading appears. Your grandchildren will love seeing your face as you read the story to them over and over again.


Source: iTunes

4. YouTube

If you like the idea of A Story Before Bed, but don’t want to pay for a subscription or want to read a book not included in their library, you can create your own video story time on YouTube. Just record yourself reading a picture book and then upload it and send the link to your grandkids. You might want to send them an actual copy of the book, as well, just to make sure they can see all the pictures clearly as they listen.

YouTube Channel: StorylineOnline

5. Readeo

This app combines video calling and digital story time in one simple package. Readeo has a digital library of children’s books that you can access by purchasing a subscription. You can share these books with your grandchild in person or, using the BookChat feature, you can read to them when you’re apart. Only one person needs to have a subscription, so your grandchildren can sign up for a free guest account to connect with you.

Source: Groupon

Source: Groupon

6. Skype And Facetime

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to share a story with your grandchildren, you can always fall back on basic video calling apps like Skype and Facetime. The advantage of video calling is that it involves two-way interaction. You can see and hear your grandchild react to the story as you read. It’s probably also something you both already have access to without downloading any new apps or purchasing any subscriptions.

The disadvantage of video calling is that it can be harder for them to see the actual book. You might want to opt for a computer with a webcam over a phone since that gives you a larger screen to see each other.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

How do you stay connected to your long-distance grandchildren?

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