7 Comic Book Characters That Deserve A Rebirth

Once a niche market mocked by the masses, comic books have come back into force with the mass success of the Marvel movie franchises. With such a rise in popularity, it was only a matter of time until the masses were interested in even the oldest of comic runs and started begging for new publications or reboots of golden oldies (that are not restricted to just the golden age). So here are seven comics that I think deserve a new lease of life!


1. Doctor Doom

Although it might seem weird to start with a villain, Doctor Doom is an iconic and complex character. Featured in Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil, Doom has not had a solo run and in all honesty, deserves one. However, I’m sure many would be happy for a reprise of the Masters of Evil book.

2. Carnage

Best known as the symbiote that attached itself to certified nut, Cletus Kassidy, Carnage was the offspring of the well known villain of similar biology, Venom. As of the current state of the Marvel universe, Carnage is presumed dead, which gives the great opportunity to enact one of the most popular comic tropes, bringing him back from the dead for a solo run.

Source: Marvel Wikia

Source: Marvel Wikia

3. War Machine

To finally get on to the traditional heroes, War Machine is a character that is often overlooked in favor of the original tin, (sorry), Iron Man. James Rhodes is a brilliantly original character that is, unfortunately, also dead, hence why I am now emphasising the rebirth stipulation in the title of this article. Bring War Machine back to life!

Source MCU Wikia

Source MCU Wikia

4. New Mutants

The X-books are relatively challenged right about now and has many fans calling for a hearken back to the days when X-Men ruled all but their own worlds. Especially with the success of the new X-Men movies, it would be awesome to see some, literally, new X-Men.

Source: Comicbook

Source: Comicbook

5. Big Hero 6

Another group of heroes, Big Hero 6 was a massively successful animated movie that definitely deserves a reboot with a tone similar to the silver screen title. While it would be a tad more cutesy than the current trend of dark, serious comic books of the last decade or more, it would be a welcome relief to casual comic fans.

Source: e-comicbooks

Source: Amazon

6. Manhunter

The first DC entry on this list, Manhunter might not be as well known as the other members here, but certainly has the content and background of a great hero. Never receiving a sufficient run, it should be about time she does, though this might be down to personal bias.

Source: comicbook

Source: Comicbook

7. X-Factor

Another, probably not as well known, X-book, X-Factor was a very adult title, dealing with some rather intense themes. Marvel described it as a psychological tour de force and it certainly lives up to that hype. A must-read for any fan of mutants and definitely one many fans want to see new life breathed into.


Source: Marvel Wikia

What do you think? Anyone I missed? Dislike the Marvel bias? Leave your thoughts down below!

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